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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Frozen out.

Went to Madonna thing at Radio Bean around 10:15. Line outside. Too cold to wait/didn't want to play "cool guy" card. Went home.

Hope it was super rad.


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jay Blanchard

Can I borrow your "Cool Guy" card sometime?


You can have the damn thing!

One warning: the recently-issued Cool Guy Cards have tracking devices inside of them to facilitate round-the-clock monitoring by the Cool Police.




I don't get it.

the le duo

yeah- it sucks when the line outside the place contains twice as many people that can fit IN the place- I took a few recon missions to see if the line went down but then just ended up watching a great program about the kkk on the history channel.


I got there at seven and still had a tricky time getting a seat. It was worth it though.


I've talked to several people today who said they couldn't get in either, so I don't feel as bad. Lee told me it was pretty wild, though.

Lately, I've missed a couple of shows (illness, whatever) that I actually really wanted to see. I'm hellbent on catching "Faust" this weekend, however. Pun fully intended.


the radio bean needs more space badly.





They're in your new US Passport.


check your coins too:


Wait, Madonna what? What'd I miss? I checked the Bean's site but they still have October's calendar up. Lay off the absinthe maybe, Lee?


Wait, whoops... I shoulda read back further. Just did. Strangely, it was the NEXT POST after where I left off reading. Serves me right. Carry on.

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