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Friday, January 26, 2007

I can't resist.

I know I just posted, but I had to put this up today. Feast your eyes on this real-life '80s commercial for "Synth Coke." It's essentially faux cocaine that you offer in exchange for sexual favors. The company that made it — appropriately titled Buzz Productions — was based in Kittery, Maine. My guess would've been Lewiston. That entire town looks like an abandoned set from "Starsky & Hutch." Courtesy Boing Boing.


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My family lived in Lewiston for a while when I was growing up and it always felt more like a Silver Bullet Band song to me.


Which one? I'm thinkin' "Strut." Lewiston/Auburn seemed to have a lot of headshops when I was kickin' around there in the late '70s, early '80s. You know, when I was, like, 5 to 8 years old.

Actually, my grandmother used to live in Lewiston. It seemed like a den of inquity to me. But then again, she was extrordinarily Catholic, so maybe her perspective influenced me.

Good luck on the job hunt, mein gelehrter Freund.


Which church? Lewiston, not unlike Winooski has two Roman Catholic worship houses: an Irish one and a French Canadian one. My family, although both Irish and Quebeçois, went to the FC one. Only because it was closer.


Def. the FC one...


A: Honestly officer, it's synth coke!
B: What makes you think I'm a real cop?


You could get so much white-trash tail at McKee's with this stuff....

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