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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Music for exploded minds.

Brooke and I are going to get our marriage license today!

I'll admit that I check Pitchfork every morning. Occasionally, a review will remind me of a band I'm actually interested in! That happened today with their notice for Grindstone, by Norway's Shining.

There's nothing like a blast of totally fucked prog to put a spring in your step. For fans of '70s King Crimson, Bohren und Der Club of Gore and actual Krautrock.

Here are a couple of cuts:

Shining — "Stalemate Longan Runner"

Shining — "Psalm"

The album is no doubt in stock at Pure Pop. If you're all digital, you can also find it at iTunes.


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Congrats Casey & Brooke!!!


Awesome tunes Casey. Thanks for posting...and the Panda Bear tracks also.
Hey record label people: I will buy the album now thanks to Casey posting it. Don't you dare give him any shit.


Way to have my back, dude.


A marriage license. Have you and Brooke had testing done to make sure you're not secretly brother and sister? And are you 100% positive neither of you was previously married during a period of prolonged amnesia? Is the real Brooke trapped in a cave of ice while a phony zombie-Brooke has taken her place? You might want to look into these things before you get hitched because as a Passions viewer I know they are much more common than one might think.


Brooke and I actually are brother and sister. And we're cool with that. Both of us have been instructed by our Reptilian Overlords that, as the last of the Merovingian Prophet-Kings, we must never allow our blood to intermingle with humanity's lesser stratum.


Congradulations, Casey!


Well then confabulations from the Hodgdon-Miller-Victor-Bea household! I'm torn between giving you a Clapper, or a gift certificate to that crazy white trash store in the University Mall so you can pick out a nice fiber optic Jesus or POW throw pillows or something.


Ooooh....go with the POW throw pillows. They're classy & manage to make you feel both comfortable AND uncomfortable at the same time.

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