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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How to post about nothing.

Suddenly, I realize: I haven't posted since last Thursday. What the hell have I been doing?

Here are some highlights:

#1: Battling with some serious seasonal depression. I'm feeling much better, thank you.

#2: Listening to music in headphones and reading four books at once.

#3: Teaching myself mathematics. I hope to eventually get to calculus and beyond, but currently I'm on pre-algebra. Hey, you gotta start somewhere.

#4: Dicking around in the studio and then erasing everything. Contemplating selling my gear, then taking a nice hot shower and getting back to it.

#5. Pondering how the hell Vermonters find the will to go outside in February. Why do we celebrate Mardi Gras in the grim Northeast?  Have you seen that documentary about the Chinese factory where they make the plastic beads that we toss at each other then later throw away? Well, maybe you need to.   

#6. Preparing the one dish I know how to make — grapeleaves — then eating way too many.

#7. Watching that show House on DVD. The main character kind of reminds me of me. Who says you have to deal with patients to be a brilliant doctor? Extrapolate from my inference, win nothing.

#8. See #1.

#9. Wondering how the hell I'm going to fill my column this week.

#10. Enjoying music. The new Stars of the Lid is particularly nice.


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Sounds like a fun week to me; better than my past month of nearly non-stop travel & 60+ hr. work weeks. Lucky music journalists! :)

I've been meaning to giver that "Stars of the Lid" album a listen; I'll definitely have to now.


I think that the algebra is causing the depression. It's not seasonal, it's mathematical.


Your title reminded me of a new fantastic word.

I think the Mardi Gras thing is akin to a family tradition we used to have: Stand Up Dinners. In the dead of winter, when I was a wee lass, my family would put on bathing suits, and eat dinner whilst standing up, discussing how horrifically hot it was, and how we just WISHED it was winter. We'd eat summer foods, hot dogs and hamburgers, terribly fast, because we were in bathing suits in a wood-heated house in February. Group delusions? Insanity? Perhaps, but it always helped the cabin fever. And I think the Mardi Gras in the Northeast thing is akin to that.

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