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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Linkdump and stuff...

I heard there was some kind of local Oscars party last Sunday. Looks like folks had a dandy of a time. I didn't even watch the show at home, but it's nice that Martin Scorsese finally won something.

This is a very interesting article about how the major labels are slowly abandoning DRM as a means to prevent piracy. I, for one, say hurrah!

I think I might have posted before about how Lou Reed can be an unconscionable prick to journalists. Here's a fresh example.

Another crazy guitar, courtesy Music Thing.

I occasionally get burned out on music (the live variety, at least), but I'm still a fan of good writing. Not that I'm always capable of producing it. So Undead Molly's post about writerly clichés is right up my alley.

Highgate finds Jesus, promptly misplaces Him.

The Le Duo tipped the world off to a really great local band called Oak.

False 45th loved the Asobi Seksu show. I loved finishing Season II of "House, M.D."

OK, time to address a rumor:

Yes, it's true that I'll be leaving Burlington in the near future. My 15 or so years in the Queen City have been extremely interesting, but I've run out of feasible ways to reinvent myself. Also, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but it's friggin' cold in Vermont!

I love my job, especially the people that I work with. It's been the most rewarding professional experience of my life, and an opportunity for which I'll forever be grateful.

Did I mention that I dislike winter?

I'm guessing I'll continue to write about and compose music, but it's too early to know what my next gig will be. I hope to maybe assemble parts at home. And, if things get really desperate, I can always start a religion.

But let's not speculate, shall we?

Vermont's music and arts scene continues to grow, and I commend all involved for their passion and commitment. Glad to have been even a small part of it. 


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If you do start a religion, I'm in. I can be your vizier! Or just one of your wives, I'm cool with that, too.


We will definitely miss you Casey; best of luck in your future endeavors in more hospitable climates!

As for the Lou Reed interviews, I'm tired of making excuses for the guy--he's a prick. I can understand his frustration at journalists who ask him the same questions over & over again & expect him to be some mythical junkie persona or to be the leather-clad, Warhol kid he was in the late sixties.

But he could be more dignified & patient, explaining he has evolved like every other person & would rather talk about his new pursuits instead of the past. Then a decent discourse could ensure that could make a fine article. Instead, he knows that his recent work has been spotty at best & that he really has little of substance to say about eastern philosophies & martial arts. It's easier to be the elusive jerk & not say anything at all.

I find it ironic that he complains about journalists focusing more on the myth of Lou Reed than the man. But when you really come down to it, he all-out perpetrates it with his attitude & lack of communication.


Jeezum crow, our little ole' Oscar party is interwebs famous!

Sorry to hear you're moving on Casey. I totally know and understand Burlington burn-out. If you weren't leaving, I'd suggest we co-found a cult. I've already begun preliminary concepting on one.


The thing that gets me about Lou is that, despite his study of Eastern mind/body techniques, he still seems incredibly uptight. I still love him, but I also love providing examples of his various personality disorders!

I don't think that all journalists are trying to peg him as the nihilist poet of proto-noise rock; some of 'em just wanna know what he's thinking. Which is apparently, "when is this jerk gonna stop asking me questions?"

I interviewed his wife, Laurie Anderson, a couple of years ago, and she was a little standoffish, too. But the ice eventually melted. I think they both have lived with the cultural air conditioning of the NYC arts world for so long, that they no longer know how to operate in the *real world.*

Mmm, vizier! Mmm, wifeys! That's it — I'm applying for tax exemption tomorrow!


Grand Vizier Molly Hunter-Rea-Hodgdon... AKA Tania.

jay  Blanchard

I think they both have lived with the cultural air conditioning of the NYC arts world for so long, that they no longer know how to operate in the *real world.*

"Cultural air conditioning of the NYC arts world"....astute and appropriate phrase. What were the circumstances behind the Laurie Anderson interview?


I talked to Laurie via phone from Antigua in advance of her appearance at the Flynn. I think it was 2004 or 2005. I looked for a link to the piece, but couldn't find one. And I don't think I saved it myself, 'cause I'm a terrible archivist.


Good luck in your new endevours, Casey! I love Burlington to even though it gets less and less recognizable every time I go "home". Sometimes you need to pull up stakes to move onto the next stage of personal development (sage advice I should follow myself).


You do Kinda look like a cult leader. You need to grow a really evil looking goatee!


I've got a nice little beard goin' on right now. But it's hardly Manson-quality.


I was thinking more long the lines of Anton Levey or whatever that Devil-dudes name is.


Oh, Uncle Anton!

I think the best cult leaders are friendlier and more innocuous, at least at first. You need to convince people that they're safe and secure, take their money and promise them some kind of future salvation/enlightenment. Then you can get bust out the posion Kool-Aid or whatever.


Good Point. Let me know when you open for business.Don't for get the fleet of Rolls Royces.


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