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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Still feelin' the Youth.

Like kids scrambling to get their book reports finished in study hall, Vermont bloggers are in a mad dash to report on last Sunday's Sonic Youth show. Well, a few of 'em, anyway.

The Le Duo likey.

Spitting Out Teeth is still workin' on it. UPDATE: Here it is.

Highgate approves.

Eva Deadbeat got her noise on; she'll vlog about it later. Now!

Suspiciously MIA are False 45th and OutrageousChaos. I didn't see them at the show, but then again, I didn't look.

I'm feeling oddly social; maybe I should lay down 'til it passes.


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I'm feeling oddly social; maybe I should lay down 'til it passes

Or you can go out for pints with me & watch me magically go from "charming" to "belligerent" in the course of only a few hours! :)

Eva Deadbeat

Consider Sonic Youth vlogged and only 3 days late Professor Rea - I expect a grade and a vlog covered in red ink if you please! ;)


You can update your link now--my report is in!

I realize I'm losing a full letter grade for being so late, but it's still a good effort.


Nope, I wasn't there. Trying to save my pennies. I decided I was only allowed to only go to either Public Enemy or Sonic Youth...and I'm guessing Kim Gordon will stick around longer then Flav.

I felt like I was there, though, after realizing I know half the people in this.


I hope to finally do my review of the show tonight. However, I haven't even gotten around to writing reviews for The Hold Steady and Essex Green/Camera Obscura. So, I'm completely off my game at this point.

Basically though, my review will go like this: Love it. Great setlist. Band seemed to be happy to be here. Thurston was much, much, much more bubbly than I ever remember seeing the guy. Hated the new spinning planets at first but they grew on me as I drank more beer. Made giant hand shadows on the stage by standing right in front of the projector. Used the hand shadows to bite Thurston's head. Had a great time.

And then I'll make some snarky comment about the fact that their tour itinery went from Burlington to Guadalajara.

Maybe I'll just copy and paste the above paragraphs into a post and throw in a few pictures/videos.


Awesome. You're no doubt the only blogger who chomped on Thurston with shadow puppetry.

I never quite figured out if the "spinning planets" were SY's doing, or new club decorations. Thanks for clearing it up!

Maybe they were so happy because they new they were heading to Mexico soon.

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