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Monday, March 26, 2007

Things to enjoy.

I'm married. Our ceremony on Saturday was small and perfect. There's a distinct possibility I'm still hungover, though.

We have a cat named Nadja. There's also a group on the Montreal-based Alien 8 record label with the same moniker. Both the cat and the band are awesome. But I can only post an MP3 of the latter. For fans of Godflesh and noisy doom:

Nadja —Incubation/Metamorphosis Buy

Before and after the hitch-fest we played Back to Black, the latest record from Brit-soul badgirl Amy Winehouse. Ms. Winehouse is fond of drinking, sloppy affairs, punching journalists and heckling Bono whilst he makes speeches about poverty and AIDS. So, you know it's wonderful wedding music. You're unlikely to hear another major label offering this good all year. 'Cause it sure as shit aint the new Modest Mouse, Johnny Marr or no.

Anyway, here's my favorite Amy Winehouse cut:

Amy Winehouse — Me & Mr. Jones

I'd post something from the new Wilco, but I'm afraid Jeff Tweedy would punch me. I'll tell you this much: it features quite a few guitar solos by Mr. Nels Cline. And there's nothing wrong with that.

You know how I have that love/hate (mostly hate) thing going on with the Flaming Lips and Aaron Sorkin? Welcome to my personal hell. Thanks to Lisa Crean for bringing the whole horrorshow to my attention.

What's the difference between frat boys and indie dudes? Not much, according to this Seattle Weekly report.

I'm gonna be on the radio every Tuesday morning on The Point FM. DJ Charlie and myself will chat about music and this-and-that. We taped the first episode today. That's right, it's pre-recorded — I'm not what you'd call an early riser. If you are, check out our maiden voyage at 8 a.m. tomorrow.

Over and out.


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Major congrats to you both, Casey.


I was gonna put that new wilco on my ipod and play it at Mdubs on friday, but I forgot. For once my poor memory paid off because it turns out those dudes from the autumn defense were in there all morning & that would have been awkward, although I bet I could take those guys.

Congratulations on getting hitched!


How is Nadja feeling? When can we see wedding photos? What are all y'alls last names now?


Funny you mention Winehouse, I came across this the other day. I admire her spunk.

Congratulations on the weddin'!

Mitchell Northstorm

Caseward, congrats to you and Brooke on the betrothal! Hope you had a lovely time...


How big was the dowery? How many head of Cattle did she cost you! Not too, too much I hope. I got you a copy of Boston's first record as a present. Hope you like it!


My belatedest congratumalations to you both!! What wonderfilioius news.


Yeah Casey and Brooke, congrats you two - i remember a few years ago watching that cute little romance begin to bud in the basement of PP, ah how time goes by so slowly... and time... can do.... so much.... *sniffle* ;D


BZ, that Winehouse rider is awesome!

And thanks, everyone. Would've liked to have had all of you there. But it was in our apartment, so you know...

Maybe when we renew our vows. How's next week?

Martha & Schuyler

The wedding weekend was perfect!
What a happy couple. Had a great time. We bypassed the hangovers.


Thanks for everything, guys. It sounds like a cliche, but honestly, last Saturday was the best day/night of our lives.

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