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Monday, April 16, 2007


I just read a really sad, funny and well-written piece in the New York Observer, a true "salmon-colored broadsheet." It's about how, with all the Big Apple indie music and video stores closing, smart young slackers and bohos are screwed for jobs.

My favorite quote is from a fellow Dusted writer:

"Working in a record store, you save on other things,” explained former Other Music employee Rob Hatch-Miller, 25, over iChat. “Like, you can buy music for yourself pretty cheaply, and for entertainment you can usually go to shows for free …. Plus you get to know people at clubs who’ll give you free drinks and stuff. There are incentives.”

Shit, yeah. It's gauche to admit it, but I haven't paid for a show in, like, 15 years. Thanks local rock stardom, thanks Pure Pop, thanks, Seven Days.

But seeing as that I'm about to give up my superpowers to become nothing more than a thirtysomething dweeb (or to let said condition become singularly defining) I read this piece with great interest.

So should you. It's a five-pager, but I suggest that any would-be, current or ex hipsters check it.

When you're done, enjoy a bunch of old folks singing The Who:


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Parasitically attaching myself to a Pure Pop employee has worked well for me. Aside from the health insurance piece, it really sucked for both of us when he had a "real" job.

Josh LaClair

I felt like I was neutering myself when I told Michael I wouldn't be working for the Pop du Pure anymore. I guess I didn't work there long enough to get the 15-years-of-free-shows pass because I'm already back to payin'. So sad.


"I guess I didn't work there long enough to get the 15-years-of-free-shows pass."

Nor did I. In the first phase of my B-town life, I just rocked so fuckin' hard I got in to the shows. In the second phase, it was record store. The third (and final) phase had me here at the paper. So it's been pretty cushy, a far as live music goes. Too bad I'm 99.9% burned out on it. If I want to hear a band live, I'll listen to a bootleg and spill beer on my own damn self.


I used to get annoyed with Chris for working at Pure Pop because he has chronic health troubles and was unable to go to the doctor. But then he worked at IBM for a little while and it was HORRIBLE. The loss of music and culture and comaraderie was awful.

I wish I had more money to spend at the Pure Pops and Waterfront Videos of the world.


paying music for cds / albums / concerts is a good thing (especially if its a musician you like and/or the show doesnt suck too bad and prices aren't too bloated and if the musician isnt already filthy rich....haha!)

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