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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"I Snorted My Father."

Of course you've seen this by now. To me, the most disturbing part is that Keith Richards continues to ingest hard drugs well into his golden years. But I almost admire his commitment.

The New Yorker's Sahsa Frere-Jones writes eloquently (and rather emptily) about Prince. What a great job SFJ has. He gets to pen high-falutin' prose about all sorts of *mainstream* music, and he doesn't even have to go to shows. Unless its say, the Purple One in Vegas. Or maybe Radiohead.

Speaking of music critics, here's a guide to our cliché-ridden vocabulary. It's no Rock Snob's Dictionary, but it should prove valuable to some.

Have you ever read Doug Mosurak's Still Single column? It's really fun.

Off to my editorial meeting. Then its back to putting well-worn adjectives in their proper places.


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Scary...I just read that quote for the first time yesterday. I've been on a big Stones kick lately, and I was doing some searches about Keith and Anita Pallenberg and happened upon the "snorting the father line" in Keith's Wikipedia entry.

I'm reading "Exile On Main Street: A Season in Hell With the Rolling Stones" right now. It's a pretty good read, and not deserving of the extremely poor review it was given in the last issue of "Signal to Noise".


I read an excerpt of that book in Rolling Stone and thought it was terrific/terrifying. Didn't read the STN review, but I have a copy of said issue right by my desk, so now I'm-a-gonna.


The STN review was basically a class-war bitch-fest about "how could the Rolling Stones doing drugs, sleeping around & evading taxes by exiling in a mansion in the south of France be considered 'Hell'?" It's a good point, but completely misses the tongue-in-cheek nature of the title, as well as the quality of the writing and the vast number of 1st person accounts collected for the book. It's a really engaging read.

Lisa Crean

Apparently the "doing lines of Dad" thing has one of Keith's more mainstream employers a little freaked. He's got a much-hyped cameo in the next Pirates of the Carribean movie, and I just heard on Nightline that Disney is pulling him from the PR line-up. No sit down with Matt Lauer--is that a punishment or a reward?

Hey, don't they have Walt in a freezer somewhere? Maybe there's a whole corporate daddy-issue thing going on. Are they afraid Keith's going to put Walt in his pipe and smoke him?

Lisa Crean

Found this in the LATimes. Those guys at Disney: humor-challenged!

Snorting a speedball of cocaine and dear old dad may be the stuff of rock 'n' roll legend but apparently it's not the sort of tale told to children at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Keith Richards' macabre remark about snorting a mixture of cocaine and the cremated remains of his deceased father may have amused music fans with its ghoulish sensibilities, but it caused a moment of alarm inside Walt Disney Studios, home to the movie marketing team behind the upcoming "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End."

Richards has a much-anticipated cameo as Teague Sparrow, father of Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), in the hit franchise opening May 25. While drinking, womanizing and cannibalism may be comedic themes that course through the film, the real-life substance abuse and off-screen antics of "Pirates" stars are no laughing matters when it comes to marketing and publicizing one of the summer's biggest family films.

"When [a senior Disney publicist] forwarded the [Richards] story to me ... I thought, 'How are we going to spin this?' " Dennis Rice, Disney's senior vice president for publicity, said during a presentation to the media of the studio's upcoming films Wednesday morning.

As a result of Richards' remark, which was later discounted by his representatives as just a joke, it is likely that the rocker's appearances on the red carpet in support of the film will be curtailed.

"Keith won't be doing a lot of publicity for this movie," Rice added.

>>I can see them in their navy suits discussing this one! speculated on further spin possibilities:

"In addition to trying to keep the renegade Rolling Stone away from the press, a cautious Disney PR team will also oversee an emergency renovation to their theme park's franchise-inspiring Pirates ride addressing the controversy, adding a scene in which an animatronic Teague Sparrow soberly explains to his son that even though they're both pirates and enjoy their fair share of rape, pillaging, and plunder, under no circumstances is it OK for Jack to use his cremains as snuff, providing parents and children an opportunity to discuss the uncomfortable subjects of both drug abuse and living wills."

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