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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


My friend Jebson sent me a link to a ridiculous bunch of videos called "Trailer Park Boys." I haven't watched too many of them yet, but they're definitely dumb enough to post.


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My Canadian friend Benjamin pestered me to watch Trailer Park Boys for years. I love it.


Same here, only it was my Canadian friend Gregg! It seems like this show and the movie "Men With Brooms" are the two proudest cultural exports that Canada current has to offer.


I too, adore Trailer Park Boys. My friend hipped me to them last fall and burned me DVDs of every episode -- including their feature-length movie made last year -- which I have devoured all of. I've seen the movie three times now, which is actually FREAKING AWESOME, unlike you'd think the movie of a TV show would be. It's both a great starting point as well as a plus for fans. AAARRRRGH!!! I freaking love this show so much it hurts. God save Canada.


Wait... do people really call him Jebson now? Or am I thinking of the wrong Jeb? I feel too 1000 miles away.


a vivid portrait of life in Franklin County. Except here most people are to pilled up to actually get around to the rapping.


Discriminating boozehounds will also notice that there's a picture of one of the main characters of Trailer Park Boys, Bubbles, up in the O.P.. He's got the big coke-bottle glasses on and the funny helmet of some sort. I think it's a signed photo.


I've seen that guy playing acoustic guitar with Rush on an in studio performannce of "closer to the heart" he's pretty good.

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