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Friday, April 27, 2007

The Hero Cycle. WRUV. "Stuck in Vermont."

Seven Days' vlog goddess Eva Sollberger filmed an episode of 90.1 WRUV's long-running "Exposure" program for her always fun-tastic "Stuck in Vermont." Playing that day was Burlington indie stars The Hero Cycle

Check it out.


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Thanks for the nice plug Casey. If you have time you should go down and say goodbye to those hallowed, maze-like halls in Billings since WRUV, like you, is moving soon. It just won't be the same without all those layers of stickers. Sigh.

I have been listening to 90.1fm constantly since I did that vlog and I love the ecclectic DJs - reminds me of Berkeley's KALX which is 90.3fm if I remember right. Hope there is a good indie college station in DC...if not, you should start one. When I was in gradeschool, we filled a guest DJ spot at Johnson State College. If I recall, much Madonna and Cyndi Lauper went out over the college airwaves - don't harsh on us though, we were in 6th grade!

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