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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Where did the week go?

I'm way more behind at work than is typical for me. Must be Short Timer's Syndrome.

More on hip-hop and cocaine, via East Bay Express. Does no one heed the message in Grandmaster Flash's "White Lines," or, um, "The Message?"

Speaking of tight flows, I'd like to nominate "West End Girls" by the Pet Shop Boys as the greatest rap track of all time. Who's with me?

I just bought Season 2 of "The Venture Bros.," and I can't wait to get home and watch it. I'm normally not much of a packaging guy, but I love the design on this thing. It's pre-coffee stained!

I'm just about to review two new EPs by the local band Oak for next week's publication. I can give you a sneak preview: they're both terrific. You might wanna mark your calendars for April 30, when they play the Monkey House.

Looky, looky — Colin Clary & the gang get some UK blog love.


OK, talk soon.


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Venture Bros Yaaaayyy!

I saw 'Kitty' shopping at Hannaford last night. I was in line with them. They were very excited about the organic section. I thought you'd like to know.


Is this the Hannaford's we spied you at last week?

And do you mean Kitty Dukakis, or Kittie — the all-female, hard rock band? Either way, mee-yow!

Metal chicks gotsta have their organic wasabi peas.


Yes! That Hannaford. The infuriatingly remodeling putting everything in mixed-up counter-intuitive locations Hannafod.

Kittie. Oops. I actually had no idea who they were but I over heard a fan strike up a conversation with the lead singer and I gleaned that they were a band playing at Higher Ground tonight. So I looked it up on the HG website when I got home.


I'm still kicking myself for missing the last Oak show. At least I was sick for that one & not just lazy like I usually am. Unless I get repeatedly struck by lightning, I'll be at the show on the 30th.

"Venture Bros." is a great show; enjoy!


The Oak show made me feel like I was in a major metropolitan area. It was really authentic, even including the lack of support. Just like the bay. East Bay Express, get with the times. It is true crack rap is a shame, however ectasy rap is delicious.

the le duo

i also posted a thing today on my blog about the sound of urchin & party star show...and we used the exact same quotes from the myspace page...maybe i should have applied for the new music editor positionn! ;)


I got them from the press release, bitch!

I rarley use other people's quotes in my blurbs (it's fucking lazy), but when they're from JB and Deaner, what choice do you have?

Too bad I don't really like the band much. Not Party Star, but The Sound of Urchin.

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