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Monday, April 02, 2007

Where It's At, Lately.

As the late Conway Twitty once sang, "Hello, darlin'. Nice to see ya. It's been a long time..."

Married life is going great, but we still haven't quite figured out what happens next. Besides getting good and gone, that is.

Went to see Cccome?, Activists/Dictators The Cripples and Tell No One (etc., etc.) at Burlington Factory Studios last Saturday. It was pretty fun — we got to relive our nuptial glory with our man Jebson. Some fella gave me the "Paulie G.," which is what we call the dismissive click-and-trigger pull of one's thumb and forefinger. You know, like a gun goes boom? Not sure what he meant by it. Say, duder, if you're reading this... What's up?

Hipster kids keep getting younger, and I keep getting older. Skip a few boho shows and the next thing you know the faces have changed. Well, some of 'em, anyway.

Spent today arguing about the validity of Steely Dan with some of my compatriots on the Dusted listserve. The thread was originally about whether or not Wilco equals dad-rock, but it quickly turned into a discussion about the musical worth of Messrs. Becker & Fagen. I think you know my position on such matters.

I also listened to this James Kochalka podcast today. Some truly funny stuff in there.

But wait, there's more: I taped another segment of my ongoing BS session with DJ Charlie of The Point FM. Tune in tomorrow morning at around 8:20 a.m. to hear me make fun of John Mayer for being a cheese-ass, then praise his guitar playing in the same short sentence.

Our pals in Carrigan — including the soon-to-be-self-exiled Daryl Rabidoux — are playing at Club Metronome on Wednesday,  April 11 with The Static Age and  Drive the Hour. Carrigan recently got a nice capsule review on Not that they're punk or anything

I just found out that EMI is completely dropping Digital Rights Management. Guess Steve Jobs' recent rant had its effect.

Thanks to Chris M. and >>>Molly<<< for coming over last night to watch Road House  with me an' the wifey. Apologies for the Dio, guys.

I'll be talking with our resident experimental music superhero Greg Davis on Wednesday for what's looking like the cover story for the next issue of Signal to Noise. Shit... that means I have to figure out stuff to ask him... Any suggestions?

OK — class dismissed.


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Can you tell us what was said about Messrs. Becker and Fagen, or point to where fascinating debate may have been held online?

Dad Rock fans need to know.


Casey, what about your blogger meet up Saturday? Did it happen? I am thinking no as the blogs seem mum on the subject...? Are you going to Bill's blogger meet up later this month? Hmmmm...


Why is Chris' name in bold print but not mine? What's up with that? And I enjoyed the Dio - I was just confused and sleepy.


Del: No. The info is ata top-secret location, but for you, I'll provide a transcript.

Eva: No. I plum fergot. But Bill's is a go.

Molly: I was gonna link to your name to your blog but had to go pick up "the wife."


Most excellent. Must be fun saying that, "the wife." SO official but in the good way! ;)


Okay. You and yer old lady have to come over to meet Demetria and spend time with our other specific creatures. Maybe we can rent Next of Kin! I can make veggie pigs-in-a-blanket, succotash, and fried corn bread.

Hey, I got invited to the Bill thing, too. By Mr. Simmon himself! Does this mean I'm a real blogger now?


Greg Davis is going to be on the cover of "Signal to Noise"? Excellent! I have a few questions you can ask him, but unfortunately they're all related to his beard and why he's so awesome.


Maybe that's all I'll ask. I can fill a few thousand words on his facial hair alone.


Ask if he thinks the Hermit Thrush should be deposed as state bird and the Common Crow be installed in it's place.


Thanks for the primo name/link highlightion there, by the way.


Ask Greg if he prefers Cadbury original cream eggs, Golden cream eggs, or Carmel cream eggs, or Chocolate mini eggs! Do it!


How can you answer a question like that? The answer is completely reliant on a variety of factors, ranging from mood, what you're eating with the Cadbury egg, the astrological forces at work, etc. That question could take up five to six pages easily.

BTW, Mini Eggs go well with a 2004 Willamette Valley Pinot. I'd recommend Argyle or one of the Patricia Green's.


cadbury chocolate mini eggs are where its at.

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