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Monday, May 28, 2007

A Bit O' Nepotism Never Hurt Nobody

I'm gonna get this out of the way now, and then we can all go back to work like nothing ever happened. Here we go.

For those of you who are unaware, I come from an exceedingly musical family. If there were a competition for musical families in Burlington, we'd be right up there with the Cleary family — that is, if they'd stop popping out babies every nine months. 

Anyway, from time to time, I'll be mentioning my siblings musical endeavors. But I promise to do so only when it's relevant and/or really freakin' cool. Here's one of the latter:

I just received a missive from my younger, vastly more-talented sister Ariel, who informed me that she and her musical partner-in-crime, Rachel Ries, were recently interviewed and performed on Minnesota Public Radio. While that alone is pretty nifty, what's even better is that the interviewer was none other Jim Ed Poole, better known as the sound effects guy on Prairie Home Companion.

Check it out here.

Ok Ari.  You've used up the Bolles' family nepotism quota for the month. You're welcome.


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Woohoo! No one else seemed that excited about me being interviewed by the guy whose sound effects I'd fallen asleep to on long car rides throughout my childhood... so YEAH! Of course, I didn't mention that to him, and he pronounced my name incorrectly even though before the taping we had a whole conversation about the hypothetical "REL Speedwagon" band... still...


Dude. REL Speedwagon was totally my idea. I expect royalties.


Tread lightly, young Dan. Should the truce between our families ever dissolve, it would mean a bloodbath the likes of which the Queen City has never known.


If it does, I'll be enlisting the Davidians – they're totally bad ass. You may take the Von Trapps, sucka.

Nice set last night, but I really coulda used some more noodling.


Uh oh, does that mean I would have to quit the Cleary Bros. Band?
We can draw straws to see who gets stuck with the Van der Polls.

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