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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New favorite song.


I didn't go to the Monkey House to see Oak last night — too much crap to do to prepare for DC, and I didn't think I could spare the hangover. Was it awesome? Maybe they can play my going-away party. Let's have it at Greg's new house, wink.

My G5 is in the shop, and I feel naked. Luckily, I have a new favorite song to help me get through this dark period.

The band is Von Spar. They used to play electro-industrial-pop. Not no more. Lately they've been consumed by EEEE-VILLL. The new EP is called A. XAXAPOYA, and will come out via Tomlab.

Guess what? The press release compares 'em to krautrock. For once, it's not bullshit.

There are only two songs on the disc, so you need to buy it. I think it *drops* in June.

Seriously, this is what it sounds like inside my head:

Von Spar —"XAXAPOYA"

The new Music Editor has been chosen, and will be unveiled soon. It'll be a lot like that scene in The Rocky Horror Picture Show when Dr. Frankenfurter unwraps Rocky.


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You missed an interesting show. Unfortunately I had to leave midway through Oak's set because I'm an old man and it was past my bedtime. But they gave a beautiful & solid (if a bit tentative-I'll explain more in my review) performance, and the supporting acts were a lot of fun. I think I may have sustained permanent hearing damage from Snake in the Garden, but it was worth it.


I hope it's not gonna be like Rocky Horror in that your whole audience will throw toast at them.


BTW, dude? The inside of your head is fucking freaking me out.

Is it like this all the time? I'm just listening to this thinking of it as a soundtrack to you walking down the street on a sunny day, all baby-kissin and flower-sniffin.


Hello...? Solidstate....?


Are you waiting for the new music editor to get into Rocky-quality shape before you unveil him?


My dear, I think he already is. I feel like a fat bozo sitting next to him.

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