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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

File Under: I Told You So, Jackass

Regular Solid Staters likely remember last week's brouhaha concerning my debut blog post,  (Solid) State of The Union Address. If not, put down the pipe, bro', it was only a week ago.

In the post, I lamented the relatively recent passing of several "big" local bands and alluded — apparently poorly — to a few local bands that while still playing, seemed to have stepped back from the limelight somewhat. While I stand by what I wrote — though it was admittedly vague — one of the groups I wrote about just contacted me with some great news.

The Cush have been selected to perform at this year's North By Northeast festival in Toronto on June 9. For those of you who don't know, that's kind of a big deal. NXNE is like South By South West in Austin, TX, only instead of rowdy Texans, there are polite Canadians.  It's kinda like the difference between SNL and SCTV. They're both sketch comedy shows with some cast crossover, but one is distinctly . . . well, Canadian.

It's a great opportunity for the band and I wish them luck.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go wrench my foot free from my mouth.


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Not to mention that the jazz guys are playing the bean on Saturday


Wow. "Anonymous," that's a GREAT point. You really showed me . . . whoever you are.

the le duo

the cush rocked my world a couple of weeks ago at nectars- if they play half as well they'll kill nxnw. and even though chris brodie is leaving the band (good luck chris!) the new key player michael is awesome and will do awesome i'm sure. yeah the cush!



dude, I'll never put the pipe down. don't ask again. the cush are awesome. It's really a shame that more Vermont bands can't get into some of the Montreal/Canada music scene. It's so close, like 4 hours closer than NYcity.


Michael is indeed a fine keyboard player, I saw his debut with the band last week at PA's Lounge in Somerville, Ma. He also played a mean lap steel on the closing song. As they say somewhere, "he's all there".

Brodie was great, and he really threw down at that Nectar's gig.


Ben, I wouldn't ask you to change for li'l ole me.


Wait, Dan, I thought you said The Cush broke up! How could they be playing a show?!?


He didn't say that.


Oh, but I did! I also said that Swale broke up after getting into a Bloods/Crips-style turf war with the Jazz Guys and The Smittens — who are deceptively bad-ass, by the way. Or at least they were, cuz they broke up too when Colin passed away from a heroin overdose — RIP, little buddy. At least we still have Phish ... what's that? Oh you're kidding me! I really need to do my homework.

By the way, I tried to stop the presses to pull Chuch from this week's cover when I found out that The Jazz Guys were playing at the Radio Bean — I mean the fucking Bean!?! — but sadly, I was too late. You "anonymous" wimps really need to let me know these things earlier. Aside from compiling the club listings, how the hell am I supposed to know about this stuff?


By the way Ben, Ari's my sister.

Screw you Ari ;-)


Jesus, this guy is way tougher than I ever was. Dan "Balls," indeed.


Not really. I just calls 'em like I sees 'em. I'm actually quite cuddly in person!


Screw you, liar! When there are possible misinterpretations to be made and exploited and then made fun of well after the fact, I'll be there.


I'm telling mom.




i died?


Yup. Your funeral was beautiful though.

I didn't know that had internet access up there. WiFi?


Colin I hung out with your old college buddies Joe and... James, I think(?) the other night. Random... They're nice!


awesome - James is super fun - and he wrote an awesoem book that should be out next year or something - Joe's wicked talented - I love that kid's in chicago's circles are overlapping...

wi-fi - ha! - i can only check email at work...

can't wait to see the home items on saturday!


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