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Thursday, July 26, 2007


I know, I know. This is supposed to be a local music blog and I keep writing about stuff that has nothing to do with music, local or otherwise. But I heard this little nugget on my way to work today and thought it was pretty interesting. I promise this will be the last time I write about sports for a while. But stay with me because this is weird.

Last night, New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez hit his 499th career home run. For the uninitiated, this is kind of a big deal because every player with 500 home runs is in the Hall of Fame and A-Rod would be the youngest player in history to achieve the mark. Plus he's a total douche.

Tomorrow the Yankees will play the Baltimore Orioles to conclude a game originally played on June 28th which was suspended in the 8th inning due to rain. Should Alex Rodriguez homer in the resumed game, it will have statistically occurred on June 28th meaning that his 499th home run — hit last night — would actually be his 500th. Where's Doc Brown when you need him?

On an absolutely unrelated note, here's yet another reason why I hate drum circles:



Who let this loser be a music writer? Its bad enough that we have to endure his idiotic musings in the paper every week. Now he's editorializing about A-Rod? Glad you think he's a total douche. Why not fill up this space with other original red sox fan opinions like "Jeter Sucks, A-rod swallows"? I could go on endlessly about how a certain loud mouthed red sox picher is by far the douchiest player baseball has seen in decades...but I'll save that debate for when I'm sharing a beer with my buddies, and leave this space open for those who want to discuss local music.

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