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Monday, July 30, 2007

Sticks And Stones . . .

I'm not sure how often you folks check the comments for each blog post, but I do fairly regularly. I guess that kind of makes sense since this is sorta my blog.

Anyway, I wanted to pass along this little gem because I'd hate to think it had been overlooked.

Here it is, from "Ted," in response to a post entitled A-Hole:

Who let this loser be a music writer? Its bad enough that we have to endure his idiotic musings in the paper every week. Now he's editorializing about A-Rod? Glad you think he's a total douche. Why not fill up this space with other original red sox fan opinions like "Jeter Sucks, A-rod swallows"? I could go on endlessly about how a certain loud mouthed red sox picher is by far the douchiest player baseball has seen in decades...but I'll save that debate for when I'm sharing a beer with my buddies, and leave this space open for those who want to discuss local music.

Well, "Ted," I'll be the first to admit that I don't always write about music, local or otherwise. In fact, it seems to me that Solid State has a fairly long-standing tradition of branching out beyond the stated "ramblings of a musical kind" to cover a wide variety of subjects. Casey liked "House," I like baseball. Deal with it.

I'm happy to spend more time discussing local music. But only if I can fit it in between writing my idiotic musings — you know, the ones about local music. Surprisingly, being a loser takes up an awful lot of free time.

In the meantime, take a deep breath and read this. I think it'll help.



You get only partial sympathy from me, as I'm not a big sports guy.

I did enjoy using this space to write about psychotropic drugs and dying cats, though.


Fair enough. But I'm not really looking for sympathy.

Obviously, I do like sports and, from time to time, I'll write about it. Feel free not to read those posts if it doesn't interest you. I really don't mind. There'll be plenty of other topics to slake your thirst for music-y stuff. After all, this is supposedly a music blog.

However, as much as this space is centered around music coverage, it's also built around and populated by the local music community and it's interesting — to me, at least — to read the viewpoints of other "music guys" and gals on unrelated topics. Even, daresay, sports.

I get the historical divide between band geeks and jocks — I went to high school too — but I know I'm not the only person around here who is passionate about both music and athletics — or movies, or literature or dying pets. I mean, some of my best friends are jocks — and dead pets. I even play sports with a bunch of local musicians — and dead pe . . . oops.

In any event, I know I've been pretty lax about the volume of posts, so the off-topic ones kind of stand out. That's my bad. But I'll make you a deal: I'll write more, you stop calling me — or anyone else here, for that matter — childish names. 'K?


What about not-so-childish names like "total douche"?
can we still use those?



Cathy Resmer

I skip the sports posts, but I read the witty banter in the comments.


I think not-so-childish names should only be allowed if you use your real name when you post. Because, otherwise, you're just being childish.

And "total douche" is still pretty childish. I think I remember calling Dan that in a fight over the Sega Genesis a good 15 years ago. He always wanted to play the sports games...


Hey, I played a fair amount of Sonic The Hedgehog and Altered Beast too.

I'll concede that "total douche" was pretty base. The fact that he's a Yankee doesn't help — though I have immense respect for Derek Jeter — but I've never been an A-Rod fan and until this season, most Yankees fans I know weren't either. He plays the game like a spoiled brat which, at 25 mil per year, perhaps he is.

By the way, the original post had very little to do with my opinion on A-Rod. It was about a statistical anomaly. It seems that got lost somewhere. Oh well.


As a fellow music blogger who often posts about sports too, obviously, I have no problem with the sports posts. However, I don't understand calling A-Rod a douche and a spoiled brat. I'd accept "sackless bitch" or "Danny Tartabull 2.0 on roids" or "gutless wonder" but I don't see douche or brat.

And I'm a Yankee fan.



Anyone else think "Sackless Bitch" might be a good name for "The Hole?"

Cathy Resmer

In a word, no.


Bottom line -- it's yours. You do what you want. Other people are free to complain, but hey....if you feel like Baseball, Baseball it is.


Thirtyseven??? In a row?


Well; i have no interest in sports or sports posts - but i don't really think it's the sports that's the problem with your blogging, essentially.

It's just a matter of writing for your audience. A way of writing that includes them and makes the audience feel invited and part of your world... While Casey did bitch and moan about some things that i couldn't give a big girl turd about, he bitched and moaned in a way that was at least entertaining and gave some open insight into his personality. Which, i despise, btw ;)

"A-Rod Blows" only says so much about a personality. infact i'm with Cathy - i don't enjoy the posts so much, but when the comments are more than (10) than i check em out.

that being said; keep em coming!


Point taken. Thanks for you candor, Tanner.

See that, folks? There is a way to get your point across without devolving into petty name-calling and personal attacks. Much appreciated.


No, not that thirtyseven. I never get tired of explaining that, though.

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