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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Java Jive

I love coffee. It's one of many vices I've inherited from dear ol' dad — beer, on and off smoking, Red Sox fanaticism, etc.  Most afternoons, I like to stroll over to Speeder's on Pine Street for a giant iced coffee and a glance through the Freeps. It's a nice way to break up the day and it helps to get the blood flowing — this is the first "desk job" I've ever had and the stationary thing tends to drive me batty. Plus, the baristas are usually pretty cute. Bonus.

On my mid-afternoon excursions, I frequently run into the illustrious Peter Freyne, our esteemed political columnist, doing pretty much the same thing: drinking coffee, reading the paper. I've been a fan of Freyne's column for years and the notion that he's now a colleague and co-worker is still somewhat surreal. Over the weeks we've developed a friendly rapport and I often find myself hoping to see him, particularly if I'm fired up about something political, which I typically am.

I just got back from my daily fix and had the good fortune of seeing Peter at his usual table by the door, drinking coffee and reading the paper. In most respects, it was a typical visit. But today, Peter gave me the inside track on an issue entirely unrelated to politics.

I'm not sure I could do justice to the good news Mr. Freyne relayed this afternoon, so I'll simply point you here, and ask that you read it yourself.

Congrats, Peter!



You guys are living the life of Riley up there!

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