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Monday, August 20, 2007

Need A Good Blogging Cop Out? Google Colin Clary

Hey there, Solid State! How was your weekend?

Mine was terrific. Perhaps too terrific, actually. So terrific, in fact, that my work week is off to an awfully rough start. I don't want to be one of those people who say they need a vacation from their vacations. I hate that shit — almost as much as when people say they'll "See you next year!" around New Year's Eve. But honestly, that's what I feel like today; I need another weekend.

Worst. Monday. Ever.

I'm too spent to blog properly at the moment, so here's a little tidbit from a blogger over in jolly ol' England who has some really nice things to say about our own Colin Clary.

BTW, I didn't actually Google Colin. That'd be kinda creepy. I just thought the Google thing flowed nicely for a title.  Our food editor, Suzanne Podhaiser, graciously sent me the link.

See? There I go copping out again . . . sheesh.


J. Pierce

The Smittens and Colin have gotten props on the British site, as well. I always find it interesting when bands from Vermont get a bit of buzz overseas by happenstance. I think the NE Pop Fest shows have helped spread their name about. Which is good, because all parties involved certainly deserve it.


The great folk blog songs: illinois also dropped some love on Clary last month. Here's the link:

songs:illinois also posted about our own Starline Rhythm Boys recently too.


The Cush play their first show in England tonight.

Does anyone know if Burlington has a "sister city" there?

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