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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Lazy Songwriter . . . or is he?

The answer to the above question is a resounding no. Arthur Adams — a.k.a. The Lazy Songwriter, a.k.a. Blammos guy, a.k.a. Double A — is actually a pretty prolific songwriter. Not like Ryan Adams prolific, but he keeps himself busy, nonetheless. By the way, I made up that last alias. If Art ever needs a hip-hop psuedonym, however, Double A would be a good one. And it would work well with mine: Oral B. Fo' shizzle.

Anyway, Mr. Adams recently sent a missive intended for Casey that ended up in my inbox since I still receive all his Seven Days e-mail for some reason. I forwarded it on to Cap'n Contrarian but I thought you folks might like to see it too. I don't think Arthur will mind — we go waaaay back. Here goes:

We are in the running for a CMJ showcase contest
through  We'll get a showcase slot, a
hotel stay and 10,000 if we win!  The first
elimination round ends next weekend and relies soley
on fan please go and vote for us here:

You will need to create an Amie Street account, but
don't worry, it's simple and harmless...we promise...

We'll probably send some more reminders and status
reports out later in the week...

Thanks so much!


So, in the words of P Diddy — the "South Park" version, anyway — Vote or Die, Bitch.


Double A

Hey Dan! Thanks so much fer the plug!!! I already had a hip hop name picked out in highschool though: Notorious A.R.T. But Double A is much less thanks...Y'know, I don't think I've commented on yer blog or anything yet, but I am in fact a daily reader (or at least a whenever you post reader). Good work I might say! I also enjoy reading some of the negative comments and letters you get...Don't you just love being the local tastemaker?? Can't you just feel all that hate?? Feed off of that hate Daniel...grow strong and powerful with that hate! Hooray for hate!!!

Double A the way, the first round of the contest ends tomorrow, so e'erybody go and vote vote vote!!! We love you!!!


hehe, Cap'n Contrarian. I think I just saw this on his blog actually. Nice, good luck!!

Dan, is there any truth to the rumor that you'll be coming out of musical "retirement" in the not so distant future?


You mean...a Skamaphrodite reunion?!?!?!


i'm in. my friends nathan and kathleen are getting married and nathan said that if i could get the band back together they'd fire their deejay and hire us to play their reception. so, see you there! it's in october sometime at the grand isle lake house.


There are rumors about me coming out of musical retirement? Nifty!

I'm not planning on pulling a Michael Jordan — unless I could play Double A baseball, of course. But I also wouldn't rule out the possibility of a cameo here and there.

I still write music, but finding time to make music with other people is pretty tough right now. Plus, I hear the local critic is a real hard-ass.

However, the idea of a Skamaphrodites reunion would be too good to pass up. It might be hard to persuade a certain drummer-turned-European-rock-star to get back behind the skins though.


2... 4... 6... 8...


Well it's good to hear that. We've never met but I did catch The Middle Eight "back in the day".

If you're without said drummer for said reunion, perhaps Spinal Tap could loan you one?

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