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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bob Loblog

Sheesh. Has it really been a week since I last posted?

Wow. I suck.

My deepest apologies, Solid State. It's been a weird week filled with lots of live music, catching up with "Deadwood" season 3 and copious amounts of writing about hip-hop, of all things. Oh, and an unfortunate run-in with Shelburne's finest — that last one is unrelated to the hip hop thing, just so you know.

Anyway, I'd have to say that, for me, the highlight of the last week was Neil Cleary's CD release at Higher Ground on Thursday night — especially given that I spent a good chunk of the previous weekend writing about him. I haven't seen Neil play in quite a while and he was in fine form. His backing band was tight, his voice was typically smooth and his new stuff is terrifically pop-rocktastic. If you haven't checked out I Was Thinking Of You The Whole Time, I highly suggest that you do.

Unfortunately, I missed an opening set by The Jazz Guys as I was attending the release of the new Wyld Stallions comp, A Line In The Sand, produced by none other than Seven Days' own Bridget Burns in association with Iraq Veterans Against The War. I caught the two opening acts, folk-punkers  Whiskey Smile and Slug's Revenge — both are solo artists who employ the Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst pseudonym thingie. There was a lot of angsty politicizin' and more than a few busted guitar strings, but it was a pretty cool event highlighted by a couple of moving speeches by the veterans themselves.

If you have a chance to listen to these folks speak about their experiences and their reasons for resisting the Iraq War, do it. Their stories add a unique perspective to the conversation we recently had on this very blog. I was impressed, to say the least.

This week is shaping up to be just as busy on the music front — and I'm down to the final 2 Deadwood discs to boot . . . cocksucker.

So little time . . .



Why did they cancel deadwood? I loved that show. Dan, you ever see "John fron Cincy"? Same producer/writer guy. Weird shit.

As for the war, As A vet, I am just so pissed and dissapointed. Did anyone here really believe a word bush said about wmd? all bullshit.


For me the highlight of last week was the Cush at Metronome. Wow, they seem to be in very fine form in this latest incarnation.

Also Lobot's set at the Monkey House was great, and the burgers were out of this world. All that for no cover charge.

You've just got to love how much greatness there is around here.


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