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Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Birthday, Honky Tonk Tuesday!

Just so y'all know, tomorrow (Tuesday) marks the second anniversary of the Honky Tonk Sessions at Radio Bean. I'm sure most of you know about the sessions already, so I won't bother going into great detail about the night itself, except to say that tomorrow should be a good one.

Honky Tonk heroes past and present are scheduled to appear in what should be the the rootinest, tootinest, boot-scootinest Honky Tonk Session yet.

According to ringmaster, Brett Hughes, the list of confirmed performers is as follows:

Marie Claire,Mike Gordon, Tyler Bolles, Gordon Stone, Joe Cleary, Neil Cleary, Aya Inoue, Steve Hadeka, Caleb Bronz, Lowell Thompson, Nick Cassarino, Bryan Dondero, Lee Anderson, Shannon McNally

Unconfirmed but probably:

Mark Ransom, Justin Crowther, Noah Crowther

Other maybe/probablys:

Grace Potter and Matt Burr, Russ Lawton

I have a special connection to the Honky Tonk Sessions because, well, it was sorta my idea. I'm planning on writing about the event in an upcoming issue of the paper, so I won't bore you with a story you'll probably read in a week. However, the two year anniversary of Honky Tonk just so happens to coincide with my two year anniversary with my girlfriend — albeit roughly, but they're certainly related. Nifty, eh?

On a somewhat related note, I just received this from the aforementioned Mr. Hughes and thought it was pretty cool.

Shannon McNally just let me know that we've been invited to play a few at Levon Helms' Midnite Ramble in Woodstock, NY next Saturday night after our show. My pal Andy Cotton has dared me to sing "It Makes No Difference" with Levon on the drums. Like I need daring — I'd like to see 'em stop me.

So would I.



Brett's version of that song is killer, and I don't even really like The Band. Well, that song is great no matter how you slice it.

Happy anniversary, you crazy kids!

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