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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Indie Con Artist

Howdy folks.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Big Heavy World founder — and all around good guy — Jim Lockridge, who asked me to participate as a panelist in the upcoming local music conference, Indiecon. Always willing to help BHW, I eagerly accepted and now am a member of the Press & Airplay panel with such local luminaries as Matt Grasso (programming director of 99.9 The Buzz), Pat Floyd (Music Director at WRUV), Rik Palieri (Songwriter's Notebook) and bizarro me, The Free Press' Brent Hallenbeck — whom I've actually yet to meet, oddly enough.

I'm not exactly sure what to expect, but I'm kind of excited about being involved. I'm a big fan of BHW and any opportunity I have to make myself sound important — and possibly have people believe it — is always welcome.

Anyway, folks should definitely check out the website — and the nifty pic/self-inflating bio of yours truly. There's a full schedule of events and details on how you can be involved.

PS- I expect to see you all at Club Metronome tonight for Akron/Family. They are sofa king good.

PPS- I didn't see any of you at Aesop Rock last night. Maybe you were there but I just couldn't see you through the mob of fitted hat-wearing, battle-rapping high-school kids. Yikes!



I first read the line about buck in your bio as "half-crazy pit bull", and almost commented, "don't you mean half-retarded pit bull?" But then I saw that it was "crazy half-pit bull." I can't think of anything funny to go along with that.
Anyway, he looks bad ass in that picture. Like he's gonna fuck shit up...all head-cocked and look like a posse. Telly's cowering under the bed...but I guess he always does that.


Yeah, too broke for Aesop. I should definitely talk to the folks about that "allowance" thing, I seem to rememeber I always had money for shows, back when I was a battle-rapping high school kid.

Of course, I was also dealing drugs.

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