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Friday, November 23, 2007

A Call To Arms, er, Amps!

Happy Black Friday, Solid State!

I know we're still getting to know each other, but could you guys do me favor? This letter just came in a few minutes ago and it concerns everyone's favorite West African "Warrior Poets," Tinariwen. Read on:

Hi all:

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I’m gearing up for the Tinariwen concert on Monday, which will surely be an amazing event. The band needs a number of guitar amps, and before I try to rent them, I wanted to see if anyone in the area was willing to lend us any amps from the below list that they may have in their possession.

Imagine, you can tell all your friends that a rebel, nomadic, Touareg, electric guitar star used your amp! Now that’s a conversation starter, don’t you think?

Here’s what we’re looking for. Let me know as soon as you can if you or someone you know would let us borrow any of these. We’d need them by Monday afternoon and could bring them back in perfect shape the next day.

- 1 x Fender Twin Reverb OR 1 x Fender Deluxe
- 2 x Roland Jazz Chorus JCM 120.
- 1 x Trace Elliot Acoustic TA100R
• 1 x 1 Bass Amplifier – Combo type Ampeg or Trace Elliot.

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

All the best,

Jacob Edgar


You can reach Jacob Edgar at [email protected].

Good Luck, Jacob.



It was a good show, and I'm honored they'd come to my home state, wasn't really Tinariwen. The crew onstage was about half the band, and they did a very, very short set. If it was any more than $15 we would have felt a little bit, you know...taken.

But still: more quality world music in Burlington, yes please. Let's get in Super Rail Band next.

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