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Friday, November 02, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different

Happy freakin' Friday, Solid State.

I had a few ideas for the last post of the work week, but rather than limit myself to one topic, I thought I'd just throw a bunch of shit at the wall and see what sticks. Here we go, in no particular order.

Greg Davis is my hero. From creating some of the most wonderfully strange music you'll ever hear in the Green Mountains to touring with Akron/Family, the dude just seems to embody the spirit of independent music in Vermont. While his creative endeavors are worth a week's worth of blog posts or SoundBites columns on their own, it's his efforts as a concert promoter/organizer that I appreciate the most.

Much like the ever industrious folks over at Tick Tick — and often with their help — Davis is responsible for putting together/spreading the word about some of the most interesting bits gracing the Seven Days Club Listings.  And he's at it again.  From the man himself:

Mike Tamburo is coming back to town to play. he'll be doing a special solo hammered dulcimer exploration this time. He is on tour with Horseback who makes "fuzz-washed, blessed drone". and a Snake in the Garden starts things off with some New England noise.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and check out the links. This is some crazy-cool and oddly beautiful shit. The show is 7 p.m. this Sunday at Kriya Studio. And no, I won't tell you where the hell Kriya is. Finding it is half the fun.

In other news, Burlington's laziest ex-pat Arthur Adams has been up to some pretty nifty stuff lately. Apparently, the moniker switch from The Lazy Songwriter to Blammos! has given the mercurial tunesmith a kick in the creative ass and he's attempting to post 30 videos in 30 days on his blog. Here's the first one:

Moving on, my good friend and half-Japanese girl (any Weezer fans out there?), Ms. Aya Inoue is emerging from her semi-retirement and playing a gig tomorrow night (Saturday) at Red Square. Back in my heart-on-sleeve songwritin' days, Aya wrote a song called "Crescent Moon" that inspired me to write a song called "Make You Swoon," which was an unabashed rip-off of Ryan Adams — he didn't mind, I even asked him. That song, in turn, inspired her to write a response song. Good times. Show starts at 8 p.m.

In shitacular news, The Nightbirds done got screwed by a sleazy booking agent who promised to set up a tour and then split town with their deposit money — presumably in a bag with a dollar sign on it. Here's the story, from front man Brenden Shinosky:

Basically I started booking this tour and it got a little to heavy for my taste. So I called upon a company by the name of Red Sea Booking based out of Western, NY. It seemed totally legit. He had other bands he was dealing with that I got in contact with (that have now also been scammed).

I told him (him being Mike Marlinski) what we were looking for as far as cities and dates go. He responded with an OK. He said he would take on the 10 or so dates we were missing to make this tour happen. A contract was made up, signatures were exchanged (between him and our manager, Tony Gallucci) and bam, that was it. He received our deposit through paypal. I think we spoke with him once after that in which he stated he was 48 hrs away from closing all the deals with the venues. Bullshit.

He never got back to us after that. Instead he deleted the company MySpace profile then he deleted his personal email address. So we called and called and to this day he still hasn't picked up. All I know is I've left him some pretty strong voice mails expressing how I feel about his sorry ass.Now were stuck trying to fill the gaps in our tour and we leave tomorrow. Oh feel free to call him ( 716-907-8599). He won't pick up. And we've left so many messages now that his voice mail box is full.


I don't know about you, but I'm thinking I might call this dude. Sometimes the power of the press can convince even the most tight-lipped assholes to spill the beans. They still need help filling dates, so check out their MySpace page if you know places between here and Chi-town. Good luck, guys.

So that's about it. Hope to see some of you folks at The Bean tomorrow for the birthday shindig. After that, I believe I'll take up residency at Franny O's in preparation for this Sunday's mid-season Super Bowl between the Pats and Colts.

Have a great weekend!


Alex Osipowicz

Dude, the EXACT same thing happened with my band and Mike Marlinski. $100 deposit then poof, the man dissapears. Thinking of taking this to a small claims court. That asshole can't hide forever. 240-505-2421 if you'd like to discuss further.

-Cha from Downfall

My Field Of Honor


the same thing just happened to our band. the dude said he was with ethereal tragedy records and he could set up some dates for us. we just sent the deposit in wedesday along with the contract. then we recieved a message from him yesterday around 9:30am on the myspace saying that he just got the money about 5 min ago and he would get back with us around 7p.m. We haven't heard anything. So we decided to look this guy up and we found this site. If you want message us and we can try and do something bout this scam shit, so he doesn't do it anymore.

thanks-my field of honr

Doc Rizk

hey guys,

Just wanted to thank you guys for clueing me in on this guys scheme. I was just reading over the "agreement" and i decided to google his name and here it is. You saved me a headache and a half plus my hundred bucks. Sucks that im not doing these shows but ill have to get back on the grind.

Doc Rizk


This conniving, pusillanimous scoundrel is taking advantage of the situation that typically affects smaller, self-propelled bands: the dilemma of needing to fill dates while finding themselves deficient in time and resources (money). This villian, a.k.a. Mike Marlinski (undoubtedly an alias), also malicously scammed IDEKAY ([email protected]) out of $100 deposit fee, making all assurances he'd fulfill his promises. Though it might seem a nuisance to pursue the theft of $100 in an individual claim, it's apparent this phantom victimized a number of bands with his beguiling antics. It's discontenting to imagine all the shows and money he deprived who knows how many struggling bands. Even worse, that criminal is going to avoid prosecution and enjoy the spoils of his plunders until he commences his next scheme. He won't stop either, not unless measures are taken to find and stop this con artist. We have to do something- it's unscrupulous crooks like this sphincter sucking, butt-plug wearing, dirty sanchez loving, shit eating, donkey punching, ass-fuck slave whom are a threat to the future insurrection of the enthralling and riveting underground metal (MUSIC in general) our insatiable appetites can't get enough of! Stay attentive, he's bound to resurface. Watch out for the same M.O.: business deals done exclusively over the phone/computer (no in-person meetings), grandiose assurances (if something seems too good to be true, it usually is), requiring a deposit before any venue confirmations can be made (it's MOST IMPORTANT to watch for this, it's your biggest warning sign he's probably a fraud),& just do a simple preliminary background check by googling anyone who claims they can help you if you pay them. Let's stop these thieving miscreants in their tracks!
Daly on behalf of IDEKAY, S.L.T, CA



My band Frontier Folk Nebraska (based out of Cincinnati, OH/Newport, KY) is potentially going to be scammed by this guy again.

Is there anything we can do to catch him and sue him for all this money he's made off of us?

Call me at 513-675-1840 or email me at [email protected]

I have doubts that our band will make this deal happen but I feel our position may be pivotal for all those who have been scammed before.



We are with all of you listed above in being taken by this guy " Mike Marlinkski"of GOLD SUMMER TOURING. We have an address - 37 Gold Street , Buffalo NY - that we mailed out $150 check to. Like all of you, we have been scammed. If anyone lives in Buffalo NY maybe they could take a trip to this address and see if there is anyone still there ! We did make out the check to Mike Marlinksi, so he must have a bank account set up in his name. There must be a way to track these people down and make them pay for what they done. Indie bands and labels struggle enough without jerks like this ripping them off. Any info - please feel free to forward on to me and maybe collectively we can find him !


He screwed us over as well! he used the name of Mike Merlin at Gyroscope Booking. We signed a contract, gave him 100 dollars, then bam. No more mike merlin.

If we all signed contracts, can't we make a law suit out of this??? we could make A LOT of money off of him from all the money we wouldve made playing the shows, and all the money we wouldve made from selling merch/CDs.

If anyone knows anything about this please message us on myspace at

Doc Rizk

This type of shit sucks and i dont think taking him to court will work. I did some research on the address of the bank you send the deposit to and its... not joking... 2 blocks from the canadian border. he goes to the bank and right back into canada. DAMN YOU CANADIA!!!!


Hey all,

He's not Canadian and he's not using an alias (except that "Merlin" crap.

He's just a small-town guy who's scamming bands cuz he's too lazy to get a job. Doesn't take a genius to do it.

Have fun boys.


Hey all,

He's not Canadian and he's not using an alias (except that "Merlin" crap.

He's just a small-town guy who's scamming bands cuz he's too lazy to get a job. Doesn't take a genius to do it.

Have fun boys.


This is his current Alias:

Dark Edition Booking
Mike Martin
47 Woodell Ave Buffalo Ny 14211
[email protected]

Just tried a similar scam with my son's band. Fortunately we smelled a rat and found one.

vincent presley

he got us under "mike merlin" too. i am gathering all the info i can for legal action. please contact me and lets get this kid!


super glad i found this.

the dark edition thing almost got us, too.
this guy walks a very thin line between seeming legit and smelling like a rat.

he just called me wanting to know if everything went okay with the shipping.
"no, actually everything did NOT go okay. i found your name all over a couple of blogs, and they all say you're not legit."

he hung up immediately.

thanks everybody! i feel like my intelligence has been insulted more than anything, but at least i know i didn't 100% fall for it thanks to all of ya'll's useful information!


Just tried this bullshit with my band and good friends of ours' band under Dark Edition Booking. Everyone take a shit in a box and mail that in.

And seriously, mail him a box of your shit. Thanks!



Check out this blog! Now you can see the face of Mr. MikeTedTomGaryGeorgeJohnPaulRingo!


Check out this blog! Now you can see the face of Mr. MikeTedTomGaryGeorgeJohnPaulRingo!

Paul Wicker

Greetings all. Because of people like you and your tireless efforts...a scumbag and waste of human life has finally been brought to justice. Mike Marlinski was arrested today in Springville Ny while trying to use a stolen credit card. Upon running his ID..police discovered multiple existing warrants for his arrest concerning several different types of fraud. We the people of the Western New York music scenes do not expect to hear mention of his name for some time. Its been a long time coming..but I hope that this has shed some light on the I hope that most of you will now be able to sleep at night knowing..that justice has prevailed. Be safe everyone..and may god bless struggling musicians!


Paul, do you have any sources for the arrest? Not that I don't believe you, I just wanna read about it.

Brad- Duke

We got ripped by him back in the day for $1350 52 date tour/management contract. Still wish I could find this asshole! 6 year burn Any new info or has he disappeared?

Brad with Duke.
[email protected]

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