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Friday, November 09, 2007

Is it Miller Time Yet?

I really am a dumbass.

All week long I've been promising a glowing review of last Tuesday's GWAR throwdown at Higher Ground. Here we are on Friday afternoon, and I got nuthin'. Unfortunately, I can't find my camera and thus, have no visuals to go along with with my awed ramblings about Antarctica's finest metal band. If you've ever seen them, you know that their stage show is virtually unparalleled. As such, no worthwhile review is complete without some fetching pics. Alas, I have none until I figure out where the hell my camera is.

However, I will say this: for the last several nights, I've been having the most vivid cartoonishly violent nightmares imaginable. Plus, my ears only stopped bleeding yesterday. Thanks GWAR!

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to relay an item that didn't make it into the paper this week, mostly due to space issues.

Electronic dance music fans will want to head up the hill this Saturday and check out Elixer at The Grand Maple Ballroom of UVM's newly minted monstrosity, The Davis Center. The show is free and will feature some of the area's finest DJ's. They are:

Matt Joseph: Matt has a weekly radio show on Montreal's www.Techno.FM, a bi-monthly radio show on from Norway and is a rotating DJ on one of Australia’s biggest dance music FM radio stations, 91.5 KIK FM
DJ Haitian: Haitian is one of the most popular local electronic music DJs. He is part of 2kdeep, and basscamp.
Vasilis: Vasilis is one of WRUV’s most popular electronic music DJs.
MDE: Miles Ewell a.k.a. MDE is one of the most talented hip-hop producers in the area. Expect the unexpected from this live keyboard/DJ set performed alongside Matt Joseph.

I don't know too much about most of these guys, but their cred is impressive. MDE, however, did some spectacular work as the the producer on local rapper Matty C's latest disc. If you like to boogie . . .

That's about it of now. I leave you with this vid of Romans, from the inaugural show at Wasted City Studios:

Swayze Express! at Wasted City

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Have a great weekend!


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