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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Hate The Internet

Sweet merciful crap! I got hacked. Well not me, per se. But my MySpace page. I feel so . . . violated.

Apparently, someone or something cracked my password and has been sending weird messages and bulletins to all of my "friends" with links to — drum roll, please — adult websites! Awesome. Nothing like being a semi-public figure and having your name attached to porn. Guess I won't be running for office any time soon. No Obama-Bolles ticket in '08. Sorry, folks.

In case we're not MySpace buddies, the posts looked a little something like this (minus the web address):

All of our friends should know about this...

Kardashian did an video before Keeping up w/ the Kardasians

This is the only place you can see it for free

If you can not click on the address

myspace can be really gay sometimes

type it in, trust me it is worth it!

you need to be 18 and have a visa or mastercard

other videos are also there.

I'm no Hemingway, but come the fuck on! "Did an video?" "Can not click?" "Myspace can be really gay?" Do you mean that MySpace is really happy and fun? Or do you mean that . . . ohhhh, I get it. You're a moron.

I know the socially inept virgins who devote their time to devising these sort of hacks and cracks rarely leave the dingy confines of their parents' basement and can't be bothered with the finer subtleties of the English language. And I'm sure the half-wit who devised this particular gem didn't know he was hacking someone who writes for a fucking living — it's far more likely this is a generic hack than a specifically targeted hit. But if you're going to try and pose as someone's friend — especially a friend pimping a porn site — wouldn't you at least make an attempt to sound believable? I know third graders with a better grasp of grammar.

In any event, thanks to those who brought this to my attention. I actually hardly use my MySpace page anymore — I'm all about Facebook now, mostly because Scrabulous rocks! — so who knows how long this bullshit could have gone on?

So in closing, the lesson of the day is update your passwords regularly.

Speaking of videos, here's one from local metal chaps — and I do mean "chaps" — Amadis, filmed by Jeff Howlett of Howlerman Productions. It ain't porn. But it's close.



Wait whats this crap, that's not Ray J!


I almost got caught in something like that recently too. I was on a band's myspace page and the top comment from one of their "friends" was something like "Hey check this out. I can't believe they haven't deleted this yet." It seemed fairly benign. So, I clicked on it which took me to the myspace login page you always go to before reading a band's blog/pics/etc.

However, this is where I got lucky. I use Mozilla as a browser and, after a second or two, Mozilla flashed a message saying something like "This site has been labeled as a phony copy of the real page. Do not use this page."

If I hadn't received that message from Mozilla, I would have entered my password and probably left my friends to be spammed. Now, here's the myspace account only has about five friends. So, no big deal but, perhaps, that's what happened to you except you didn't get a warning message from Mozilla.


Whoa... those guys rule! Where did they come from?!?


Is the guitarist wearing anything under those chaps? I don't really think so. And I love that there's not one clear shot of the video vamp's face thru all that hair.

These guys are local?! Please tell me they're playing New Year's Eve somewhere?


what year was that thing filmed? holy time warp.

Franky Vitriol

1) Yes we're local.

2) Under the chaps? Only what Hera gave me.

3) We are playing at 242 Main NYE.

4) (something tells me html is disabled) A better quality stream of this is available here:


They're local...go see them...seriously, the chaps are just the beginning.


sheddy rules

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