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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rock the Vote


I am writing this post as we near the end of Super Tuesday. You know, the momentous day where pretty much everyone in the country made their vote in the presidential primaries. Except for us Vermonters. We like to do things at our own pace up here, and voting is no exception. Which is why we'll be waiting almost an entire month to officially weigh in on the debate.

Before the 2004 election, I wasn't really concerned with the primaries. My vote was simply "Not Bush". I hated 'No Child Left Behind,' I hated the 'War on Terror,' and I especially hated that his stupid entourage of SUVs was constantly making me late to my job as a lifeguard at Kennebunk Beach.

This time around, I'm glad for that extra month. I've had a hard time figuring out my feelings on the democratic candidates, and while I know I'm not really a fan of Clinton, I've yet to decide any official reason for supporting Obama.

At least until my dad emailed me this video.

[Here's where things get musical!]

I'm not sure that I pulled a concrete justification for a vote out of this video, but my feeling was so strongly in support of Obama, and my emotions so on edge when it ended, that it served as the kick in the pants I needed to give this guy some proper research.

I won't preach to you about my findings, since they'll all be contingent on personal opinion, but I wanted to share the video that got me in a voting frame of mind. Leave it to to serve as my motivation. Maybe he'll inspire you as well.



im definitely for Obama and i'll do whatever i can around here to make sure he wins in VT.
in the mean time, ill be making more calls to all of the states that vote before us.
i feel good that he can win the nomination.

you can find a pretty detailed PDF of Obama's policies here:

among other great plans, he has some really nice stuff about farms and farmers which should be relevant to a lot of vermonters.


Greg! Here's something... the other night on community television, some people were talking about how they were "going to vote for Ron Paul, but root for Obama".

It was the first time I got really upset about Vermont's policy of allowing you to vote in a primary other than that of your registered party.



If you want an mp3 file of the Obama song, I have it up on my site.

tyler m

that was awful. now I'm not voting for Obama because of that.

just kidding. kind of.

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