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Monday, February 04, 2008

Loves horses, and Eli Manning too...


So how bout that Super Bowl, eh?

Uh, yeah. I don't actually watch football. Baseball is my sport. And frankly, intensely watching a team from March through October requires a few months of rest from any sports coverage.

But if I had to claim affiliation to any team, it would be the Patriots. If only because I spent just about every Sunday of my college career hanging out in my friend Brian's apartment with the game on. Everyone else was there for the football. I came for our friend Aliza's famous spinach artichoke dip.

And so I clearly remember the celebration after the 2002 Patriots victory, and that of 2004, and 2005. A part of me felt like I should have made the trek back to Maine to watch the 2008 game with the old gang. And the old dip.

Instead I went to my childhood home in Connecticut, land of brown winters and big box store strip malls.

And Giants fans.

Yep, it's true. Not only did my grandfather play college football with Giants defensive end legend Andy Robustelli, but I spent my Super Bowl Sunday at the home of my best friend from high school. My best friend from high school and her entire New York fan family.

But it was all ok. And you know why? Because New York or New England, there was one thing we could all agree on: Tom Petty.


I mean let's be honest for a second. No matter how much hype the Super Bowl halftime show gets, no matter how many people claim to watch it, it blows. It's all lights, and flash, and medleys, and nipples, and just... not my scene. I'd actually rather watch football.

But when I heard that Tom Petty had agreed to perform, and had promised no medleys and no dancers, I was definitely curious.

My verdict? Overall, I enjoyed it.

Petty kept his word. No medleys and no dancers. Of course, there was a crowd to rush the stage and 'sing along' (many appeared to not actually know the lyrics) in brightly colored tee-shirts with obviously-issued identical flashlights. But, meh, that was unavoidable.

The band delivered four great American rock songs, appealing to all generations. And at our basement party of five Giants fans and one Patriots fan-wannabe, we all sang along. And sat there through the entire thing. Which is really the whole point, at least in the eyes of the NFL. If they can guarantee views, they can continue to charge a high price for advertising.

My only real concern was that I'm pretty sure Tom Petty flat-ironed his hair.

Which is just... bizarre.

Almost as bizarre as that underdog upset.

But in all seriousness, congrats to the Giants fans. That was a pretty amazing thing your boys pulled off last night.

Now get them a new home base, would ya? Because according to their season's record, The Meadowlands just isn't lucky enough for a team that can now call themselves the 2008 Super Bowl Champions. And the only group able to muster enough force to stop that uber-human strength generated by the shine of Brady's straight-toothed smile.



What the hell?! Sports on a music blog? Sacrilege!

As for the Super Bowl, I assumed it was all just a horrible dream. A horrible, nightmarish dream . . . I'm dead inside.

On an off-color but kind of funny note, after the game I "fell down the stairs." Literally. I was leaving a rather somber Super Bowl party and slipped on iced-over concrete stairs on the way to my cab. Talk about adding insult to injury — or would it be injury to insult? Not only is my fragile New England sports fan's ego bruised and battered, but so is the entire left side of my body. Why must you mock me, Lord?

I've never been a fan of the SB halftime show — although "In Living Color" used to do a pretty funny alternative. In fact, I missed the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction entirely. Thank God for the interwebs! I didn't watch Petty, but I'm hoping he was able to keep his clothes on.

And finally, congrats, Giants fans. Now kindly go fornicate yourselves.

Pitchers and catchers report in ten days . . .

Lisa Crean

Here's a tip: Ever want to have an ENTIRE gym all to yourself? Go during the Super Bowl! It was almost spooky. TiVo'd the game, and got to skip A LOT of the senseless crap and blather, and focus on the actual football.

Do love Tom Petty--one of the best concerts I ever saw was TP & the Heartbreakers in Honolulu in 1980. I attribute part of my hearing loss to the great seats! (Who knew "Wow, are your ears still ringing?" a few days after the concert would turn into "Hey, can you repeat that" by your mid-30s?) Have to admit I was hoping for a really old school number...Refugee, maybe.

Oh, well. He still rocks, all these years later!

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