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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Burlington Music: The TV Series

You folks will actually read a bit more about this in tomorrow's Soundbites column — at least I hope you will. But since it's a multimedia dealie, I figured it might be appropriate for this little blog o' mine as well. Consider it an interactive Soundbites sneak peek!

Anyway, Rebecca Kopycinkski, aka Nuda Veritas, just released the first episode of her brand spankin' new VCAM TV show "Burly Song: Burlington's Musical Zeitgeist." The half-hour long program premieres on Channel 15 in its regular Tuesday slot this evening at 11 p.m. and will run again this Saturday at 7 p.m. However, if 11 o'clock is a little late for you — I'm not here to judge — or if you don't typically find yourself near a TV on a Saturday night — if you do, you're a total loser . . . just kidding. I'm really not here to judge — you can view Episode 1 right here.

In this installment, Ms. Kopycinski hosts the estimable Paddy Reagan for a half-hour of conversation and performance. The show has a definite "cable access" feel, but I dig it. Not like "Wayne's World" cable access, mind you. More like a VCAM version of Charlie Rose . . . but with music . . . and a female host . . . and spray painted records hanging on strings in the background. OK, maybe it's not like Charlie Rose at all.

In any event, the interview portion of the show is pretty informative, especially when Paddy describes his band Cannon Fodder, whom I've been wanting to write about for while now. And Reagan's performance is decent too — though TV is a notoriously difficult outlet for live music.

But my favorite segment — and according to her blog, Rebecca's as well — has got to be the "Cigarette Break" bit at the the end. This time around, Kopycinski  approaches people outside a Farm show at The Monkey House in March — note the effin' snow! — and asks them questions like "What band would you most like to see come to Burlington?" and "If you could play any instrument in any Burlington band, what/who would it be?" Farm multi-instrumentalist Ben Maddox's reply of "like, just playin' one instrument?" is priceless. Show-off.

Be sure to tune in tonight. And if you're interested in performing or helping out with production, you can e-mail Rebecca here.



Yay! I'm glad things are up and running for Rebecca! She was pretty excited during just the idea process, and now I'm excited to see how it all came together.


I forgot for a second what day it was. But just to clarify, the VCAM airing schedule starts on Monday, so if you wanna watch this Saturday, it won't be on, but will the following. It is online, though. You can also watch the episodes on the blog. One stop shopping.

Thanks, Dan.


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