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Thursday, May 01, 2008

A-Dog Update

This just in from Higher Ground:

ANDY WILLIAMS aka- DJ A-DOG'S apartment burnt down this morning..

So around 8:00am this morning (05/01/2008) A-Dog's apartment caught fire and from the looks of it he lost EVERYTHING! His two cats and all of his personal possessions; Clothing, records, dj gear and basically EVERYTHING in his apartment.  It looks like the fire started down stars in one of his neighbors lower apartments. The good news is that everyone made it out unharmed.... They are going to let him do a walk threw around 3:30pm today to see if he can salvage anything but from the looks of the place most of his possessions are destroyed in one way shape or form?

So it is time for him to rebuild and granted he is still in shock but none the less I want to get the ball rolling.

He will need new clothes, records, dj gear and a place to stay. So if anyone know of a nice and affordable place for him to move into could you please let him know. He has plenty of places to stay in the mean time but he will eventually need a new apartment ASAP.

Could everyone pass this along to A-Dogs friends and family so he can get a hand rebuilding his life. If anyone wants to break him off some clothing, dj gear, vinyl, New "Rane Serato" or just anything that you feel will help then send it to:

Attn: A-Dog
Nibus Clothing
187 South Winooski Ave
Burlington VT 05401

His sizes are:

Sneakers: 9-9 1/2
jeans: 34
jackets, t-shirts, hoddies and ect: XL


If you want to reach him then you can e-mail him at:     ( I am not going to put his cell # in this e-mail but if you are close and want to call him then please do so)

[email protected]

Along with all that we are going to threw a MASSIVE benefit in the next few weeks hopefully so if anyone has any ideas then please feel free to let me know. This is all still fresh and new but it has to be done and it will ASAP!





Wow, what a terrible situation. I'm glad that everyone in the building was OK, and sorry for the loss of the cats. If they were to set up some sort of PayPal donation thingy I would totally pitch in what I could (which, you know, isn't a ton, but... every bit helps, right?).


Yup. It totally sucks. I'm really at a loss for words.

As noted above, HG is putting together a benefit and I wouldn't be surprised to see other venues follow suit. At least I hope they will. If Burlington's music scene is as much of a community as we all like to think it is, then a tragedy like this affects all of us.

That PayPal thing is a great idea, Ari. A-Dog is known well beyond the borders of Vermont and I'm sure there are many folks like yourself who would want to lend a hand. Good thinkin'!

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