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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Pants Day!

Despite the fact that post offices and banks are open, today is actually a holiday. At least amongst Vermont music fans who adore late, great Burlington rock outfit The Pants, who two years ago today, May 27, reunited at a sold-out Higher Ground.

As some of you are likely aware, filmmaker Bill Simmon has been putting together two flicks to celebrate the occasion: a concert film and a documentary on the band called "High Watermark." For the latter, my siblings and I were asked to record a version of the ballad, "Wounded," from the band's classic album Fred Sex.

For those who are just now following along, here's a little back story (the rest of you can skip to the vid):

I was a teenager during the much ballyhooed 1990's Burlington alt-rock explosion and a rabid fan of The Pants, who to this day remain one of my all-time favorite bands.  Long story super short, the day of the reunion show was also the day of my grandmother's wake, who had passed away earlier that spring. Since my siblings and I couldn't make the show — it would have been a long drive from Rhode Island — we played "Wounded" for our family at the wake. Word got back to Pants drummer Neil Cleary — whether via me or my sister, Ariel, is still hotly debated — and the next thing you know, we were recording the tune at Egan Media a year and a half later.

Anyway, the finished product (or, at least the Bolles' kids part. The full doc is still in production) is here. And I gotta say, it's pretty decent. My only quibble is that I appear to have put on some weight since this was recorded late last summer. Dammit.

Without further adieu, "Wounded" as performed by Ariel, Tyler and (me) Dan Bolles. Enjoy.

hi-res quicktime (104 MB)


Pants site post:

Candleblog post:



I'll never forget hearing you guys play this song in my parents' living room that day. And the recording is amazing.


Tad C.

Omg, when are people gonna get over this band?? They were popular, like, a HUNDRED YEARS AGO and now they're all old washed-up drunks who don't even live in Burlington anymore. Just because Dan had sex with one of them ONCE (not saying which one) shouldn't mean we all have to hear about them forever.

My, but them Bolles triplets sure can sing tho.


I have asked musicians and I have asked English PhD candidates and I cannot find the answer. Perhaps a music columnist, who is the perfect blend of music and English nerd can answer this: Is there a proper term for when there is a lyric in the song that is then performed as a musical pun? In this song (and in many other songs) the lyric says "Stop" and the music stops for a couple of beats. Or the lyric might mention a bird and flute plays a birdcall or a band I am in has a line about being drunk and we play wrongs notes out of time for a couple of bars. (Get it? A couple of "bars"?)

Anyhoo, the answer would be much appreciated if there is in fact such a term.


That "Stop" thing is one of my biggest pet peeves. But you know that, Mike.

And Tad, I heard that that Neil guy was the only one out of the Pants who's a washed-up drunk not living in Burlington now. But maybe I'm wrong.

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