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Thursday, May 29, 2008

James Kochalka (Game Boy) Superstar

This little tidbit just came across my desk (OK, my laptop, since I'm working from home today).

I'm horribly, horribly busy this afternoon, so rather than reword the info, I figured I'd pass it along as I received it, sans editorial comment. Cop-out? Totally. Still, this looks like a stupendously fun show. Here ya go:

This Saturday, May 31, I’ll be playing an EARLY show at Metronome in Burlington. The show starts at 6:30pm and will all wrap up by 9:30. The line up is Koolaoke (Jason Cooley with a mustache?), Missy Bly, and James Kochalka Superstar. I’ll be doing a bunch of songs rock style with my band, but also doing a bunch of songs solo style on my GameBoy using a program called Nanoloop. I’ve never played live with the Gameboy before, so this’ll be the first.

best wishes,
James Kochalka



oooh nanoloop, that's so 1999!

James Kochalka

Ha! Nice burn.

Actually, I've been making Gameboy music for a long time (and using other programs beside nanoloop, the lesser known Pocket Music cart, for instance). Just not so publicly for the most part... but you can find a fair amount on my website,

This is just the first LIVE show with it. All tracks from an upcoming album I'm working on.

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