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Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Band Alert!

I'm afraid the rumors are true. Denim-fueled speed-western truckstop rockers Chuch are no more. I, for one, am pretty bummed about it. The band was something of a Burlington oddity in that they virtually sidestepped the dues-paying phase most local bands are required to endure before they hit the road and seek their fortunes outside of the bubble that is the VT music scene.

From the outset, Chuch decided they weren't content to languish in Burlington vying for Tuesday night slots at Nectar's, and spent the majority of their time touring, ultimately building a solid fanbase across the country. You could argue that they were more popular outside the state than they were in their hometown.

Though I'm certainly going to miss Chuch, I'm happy to report that a new band has emerged, rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of cigarettes and stale beer that often littered the band's van. Ahhhh, memories.

Calling themselves Jesus Vanacho, the band is comprised of ex-Chuch rhythm section Justin and Noah Crowther — on drums and bass, respectively — Lightning Ridge axeman Ethan Rhea and Turkey Bouillon Mafia's Adam King on keys. The quartet debuts this Friday at Nectar's and I certainly plan to be in attendance. In the meantime, check out this track, entitled "Jetway" from their recently recorded demo.



There is a first time for everything...including reading and responding to this article.

Dan my's unfortunate that your perspective on this aspect of the Burlington Scene = "languishing in Burlington vying for Tuesday night slots at Nectar's". My comment is directed to all the bands that have played Tuesday nights and used it as a foundation from which to the way Grace Potter played a Tuesday residency before becoming GRACE POTTER, not to mention a slew of other local bands that don't think of the scene in Burlington, at Nectar's or any other venue, as "languishing" but as the most amazing place to express themselves musically and hone their skills.

Here's to Tuesdays...

Damon Brink
Owner - Nectar's/Club Metronome


Well now, that's interesting. A blog post lamenting the loss of one of the area's better bands and welcoming a new one with scads of potential is perceived as an indictment of the Burlington music scene on my part. Will wonders never cease?

Damon, the fact is that many bands are frustrated trying to make their way in Burlington. It's a hard road that leads far too many out of town for good. Chuch recognized early on that to accomplish their goals, they needed to spend more time away from the Queen City. Whether or not that strategy would work for every band is not a debate I'd care to enter. But it certainly worked for them.

I can see why you perceived my comment as a slight towards the Tuesday night local band series. But I assure you, it wasn't. If anything, I think it's a step in the right direction — and I'm pretty sure I said as much in this week's paper (p.09B if you missed it.)

Rather, I was commenting on the competition that exists at virtually every venue in the area for even the less-glamorous slots. I used "Tuesday night at Nectar's" merely as an example of the larger issue. I could just as easily have written Tuesday nights at (insert club here). Perhaps in retrospect I should have.

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