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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Daryl Rabidoux Needs Your Help

I'm very sorry to report that Daryl Rabidoux (Cancer Conspiracy, Strangeways Recording) was recently seriously injured in a car accident in Rhode Island. Like most musicians, he is without health insurance and is racking up enormous expenses during what looks to be a lengthy hospital stay. Below is all the info you'd want to know about the accident, his injuries and how you can help.

Godspeed, Daryl.

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Our good friend Daryl was in a severe car accident and needs your help.

Paypal Donation link keeps getting screwed up so go here to donate:

This is a repost from our good friend and the producer of our cd ESCAPE Mike Poorman regarding Daryl Rabidoux who is also a good friend and had a big hand in the recording of our cd and stayed up many a late night to make us sound awesome. Aside from that, he's one of the best dudes you'll meet and he needs all of our help right now.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please pass it on.

Love you all,
Brian, Alex, Chris, Travis, Jim

Please take the time to read this and repost:

"This past week my best friend, and partner here at Strangeways, Daryl Rabidoux, was involved in a serious car accident that has left him in the hospital with a list of serious injuries. Daryl sustained 2 punctured lungs, many broken ribs, a torn liver, a fractured sternum, and head trauma from the accident. Daryl was released from the ICU Saturday and is still in the regular ward at RI Hospital while he is healing. One of the most tragic parts of the accident is that Daryl does not have any health insurance. When all is said and done his hospital stay will total near 2 weeks. That is a serious expense for anyone, with or without insurance, but even more so without.

I have set up a Paypal account so that people can donate money to help aid Daryl in paying his medical expenses. If Daryl has touched your life through his music with The Cancer Conspiracy, through his friendship (it is unparalleled), or just in passing as an all around good guy, please donate even a few dollars to help him out. The world wouldn't be the same without this guy, he is one of the best people out there.

Thanks a lot for reading this and taking the time to care. The Donation button for the Paypal fund is on the front page of the Strangeways myspace account. I have also set it up so that you can send Daryl a note as well if you want to say hello to him while he's getting better in the hospital. Take care everyone.

Please if there's anything you can do to help Daryl, who is an incredibly awesome guy and one hell of a producer himself, click the button below to donate even a FEW BUCKS to help him out with these medical bills


Feel free to drop him a line at his myspace too I'm sure he'd appreciate it and love hearing from all of you whether you know him personally or not.

Links in case this is reposted and the html gets messed up:

Paypal Donation Page:

Daryl's Myspace:

Strangeways Recording:

The Cancer Conspiracy:



Wow, this is so upsetting. I was just telling Dan about how Mike and Daryl were two of the first people I met when I moved to Burlington. I was unemployed and hanging out at the now defunct Euro Gourmet every day (where my roommate Amanda worked), and they were in the process of building their studio. They both donated tons of time - both in advice and in actual labor - to the start of Wyld Stallions Records. I am forever grateful and encourage everyone to join me in donating whatever you can to Daryl's expenses.

Bemused Townie

If you honestly expect people to donate their hard-earned money to this man, you are living a joke.

Daryl was never anything but rude and bitchy to me and to most people I know. He is a self-centered pig who treats women like garbage, his friends like an old rug, and his sideburns with an unnecessary amount of care. When I heard that he was in the hospital, I wondered if karma could actually be real. When I heard that other people had heard that he was in the hospital, most of what I was hearing was phrases like: "He deserved it." "He was always such an ___hole." "You know, when he moved away and I didn't have to talk to him anymore, I was glad." Not everyone hated Daryl-- He has a legion of be-hoodied morons that kiss his feet and have wet dreams about Rocketsled, all of whom can probably be found sweating with worry at his bedside.

Maybe this time in a body cast will allow Daryl to think about how he's treated people and how he should change that in the future. I certainly hope he's thinking about it when he's working off his appropriately damning hospital bills.

Second That

yeah have you seen his myspace? he doesn't have time for our needs [see status], so why should we care about his? the only cool thing about him is that he likes queensryche.


Someone please tell me how this is such a sad or terrible thing?

Did the brain injury deflate his ego or disable his uncanny ability to treat people like garbage? If so, this was a blessing for everyone (including Daryl).

Give your money to a better cause, like the Humane Society or some other deserving organization.


You miserable, cowardly, pathetic excuses for human garbage. Whatever your personal feelings for Daryl, wishing this sort of harm on anyone is simply disgusting. You should be ashamed — perhaps that's why you were afraid to comment using your real names?


What Dan said.


@Dan and Casey
Perhaps you should re-read what they wrote. They don't appear to be wishing harm on anyone. They are just pointing out that Daryl did a lot of bad things to people and that it was not necessarily unexpected that something bad would fall upon him at some point. It's nature's way of retribution.

Personally, I don't care either way. I know he did alot of bad (and some might characterize it as sleazy) stuff, but stuff does happen. Does anyone know why there isn't auto insurance covering at least a part of the medical expenses?


Dan nailed it.


Dan, are you talking about Daryl when you write "miserable, cowardly, pathetic excuses for human garbage"? If you are, then I agree with you.

Daryl is actually lucky that a car did this to him and not a person.

Bemused Townie

"Daryl is actually lucky that a car did this to him and not a person."
-- Yeah, he is.

Dan, how about you and all your dumb friends stop wasting your/our time trying to extort money out of all the people that supposedly love Daryl so much and go down there and be with him like a real friend? Casey, how about you carpool?

Daryl can pay for his own mistakes, like not having health care. Stop defending this jerk and start worrying about yourself and your terrible bands. I'll say this much about the dink: He made you all sound WAY better than you actually are. Run to him, Dan. Run to him.


i always used to have a crush on him, until i met him. now i'm glad i don't have to push his wheelchair around.


Not only are you people totally fucked in the head, but you are complete fucking cowards. Back up your idiotic and tasteless drivel with some fucking names, you textbook internet pussies.


I was gonna fly down, actually. . .


No one is extorting money from you. If you don't care to give, don't. It's that simple. And if I'm wasting your time by trying to help a musician in need, please stop reading my blog. Like right now.

I'm not defending Daryl's actions. He obviously rubbed some folks the wrong way during his time here. But who hasn't? Frankly, his personal life is none of my business.

Though I don't know him well, my experiences with him over the years have always been pleasant. But after reading this vitriolic sniping, I can hardly blame Daryl for treating you like the schmucks you obviously are.


You haters are totally fucked in the head.

*IF* someone crossed me the wrong way, I might laugh if their car got dinged, or their parking tickets caught up with them, or if they got splashed by a truck, shit like that.

He's in *the hospital* with punctured lungs, head trauma, torn organs, etc.

You don't have to give money, obviously, or like him, but kicking someone when they're down is very, very low.

colin Clary

yikes! all around!

I'm sorry to hear Daryl was hurt at all. I hope he's okay and has a speedy recovery.
thanks for letting us know, Dan - this is this first I'd heard of it.

I hope all of you drive safe, or walk or ride safe if you don't drive.

i'll send some positive energy in his direction.

Cathy Resmer

Dan, thanks for posting this.

Family member

These rude comments are especially disturbing to Daryl's family members. Please keep your negative comments to yourself. Try to put yourself in our shoes, if you were reading these comments about someone you loved? How would you feel? Especially when this person is in the hospital, no one deserves that and you should not be wishing harm or unfortune to anyone. Thank you to Mike and Dan and all of his friends who are standing by him and wishing him well.


Wow! I kept reading these awful comments thinking that I was missing some in-joke from Daryl's hip disturbing and disappointing to realize how sick and hateful (not to mention cowardly) some folks are!
Seriously, keep it to yourselves, assholes.


I can't help but wonder if it's just one negative person writing multiple comments (it's really easy to post here)... as many years as I've been in this town I've never heard of anyone with a serious problem with Daryl... actually quite the opposite. And to any family members that might be reading... believe me there's a ton of people here that love Daryl, appreciate all the hard work he's done, and he's in our thoughts.


Is there any option of deleting the offending comments?


It's sad that you have turned a public forum into a place that people can't actually express their feelings. If you wanted a place where friends and family of Daryl could talk about the situation, DON'T PUT IT ON A WEBSITE FOR A WIDELY CIRCULATED, FREE PAPER! Make it private!


Carl, anyone is free to express their opinions and feelings here, whatever they may be — which is why the offending comments will not be removed. Sorry, Jen.

However, with that freedom comes a responsibility to conduct one's self in a respectful manner — you know, like one would in public — as well as the understanding that you are entering a forum in which your comments become fodder for everyone else who chooses to read and respond.

"Townie" et al. let their opinions be known — their anonymity speaking volumes about their character and offering very little weight to their claims, frankly — and the rest of this community responded. That's how it works.


Totally stunned, not just by the news, but by the negative creeps who crawled out to spew their anonymous bile here. Totally classless, and if karma truly exists, they'll be on the receiving end of some nasty stuff very soon.

Then again, if karmic balance did exist, this wouldn't have happened to Daryl, as he's always been hands down one of the nicest guys I know. Hopefully his recovery will be speedy and full.


Wow. I'm pretty floored by some of the negativity here. It really amazes me that some people are so full of themselves that they would use a forum like this to spew such negative bile. His fucking family read this. Way to pile on the hurt. I was never all that close to Daryl, but when i did interact with him, he was ALWAYS a good dude to me. I suspect that this is ONE person with multiple fake names who obviously felt slighted by Daryl at some point. Anyway, I've been rallying troops in boston to help out because regardless of what happened to this one angry girl, he's still a fellow musician in a really difficult situation.

Stay classy, Burlington.

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