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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Well . . . Fuck!


According to an article by Alexis Petridis in the UK's Guardian, Fuck is no longer shocking when used in band's names.

Well, duh.

Still, reading the list of band names that no longer provide any shock value is reason enough to click on that link. Because Petridis is right in that it's not at all shocking. It's just kind of funny. Some examples? Fuckpony, Swamp Fuck, the Fuckin' Shit Biscuits, and Holy Fuck.

In fact, three of the bands up for this year's Mercury Prize (an annual music prize for the best album from Ireland or the UK), include the word in their name. So if the point is to make your band stand out . . . well, that point is now moot.

The idea that a word that held such weight just two generations ago, would now do little to make even a nine-year-old blush, is pretty interesting. I dug a little further into the Guardian website to see if there was any other word on the subject, and found a 2002 article by Jonathan Margolis, exploring the cultural significance of fuck.

Apparently the word first appeared in a 1475 manuscript, and even back then, was meant to be offensive. When the Sex Pistols uttered it on live television in 1976, it still caused an uproar. But then, something shifted, and by 1997, the word had fallen in rank. "When several broadcasting organizations produced a ranking of words by severity, fuck only came in third, behind cunt and motherfucker."

The article continues, "Further verification that fuck is, well, fucked, comes from Andrea Wills, the BBC's chief advisor on editorial policy. 'In research, 50% or more people said the words that should never be broadcast are cunt, motherfucker, nigger, Paki and spastic. Young women also don't like whore, slag and twat. But fuck wasn't on the list.'"

So what's a punk band to do?

Well, if the intention is to shock, you might just be fucked. Although no amount of Vagina Monologues will stop me from cringing at the C-word . . . so maybe that's your key.

Then again, it's hard enough these days to find a band name that's not already taken without wasting time worrying about if it will cause authorities to sweat.

What's next, Fuckin' Shit Biscuits AKA?



Fuck me. This so fucking appropriate given the unfortunate passing of George Carlin yesterday. Well fucking done, Bridget!

PS- But don't forget The Fucking Champs!


Fuckin' Shit Biscuits should be added to Candleblog's list of fun things to say in a Vermont accent.

Also, I don't think the Sex Pistols were on TV in 1967. Maybe 1976?


Good call on it actually being 1976 for the Sex Pistols. Gooooo, dyslexia! I would fix it, but I don't have administrative powers like that... oh, Dan? :)

Tyler M

I've found that bands with shock value names usually seem to suck really bad. Must need the shocking name since they wouldn't get attention otherwise.

Holy Fuck, though, is an exception. Their name and their music are both personal favorites. Poses a challenge when you play them on the radio, though.


Oh, I don't know. Back in the care-free, innocent 1990s, Cherry Poppin' Daddies were a tad risque. But they kicked ass.

I just said Fuckin' Shit Biscuits aloud in a VT accent, and you're right, Ari. It was awesome!


I think everyone who reads this should say Fuckin' Shit Biscuits out load in a Vermont accent.


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