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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mikey Update

More info about Mikey from various sources:

From Andy Foeshel @ Higher Ground
In case everyone is not in the loop, Mikey Vangulden was struck by a cab that ran a red light on 7/4 while he was biking home from work. He is in bad shape on needs some help. There is a blog link below that will explain everything plus a link for donations. Please pass this on so that all that Mikeys friends and family around the world know what happened to him.

From Adam King of Turkey Bouillon Mafia and Jesus Vanacho
We're raffling off 2 tix to Upnorth Festival in
Maine, some bongs and shit, a snowboard and some other stuff. I know
Grippo and Seth Yac are planning on joining us on stage - should be a
pretty insane night. Turns out Cabbie has no insurance so shit's a
big mess right now. Mikey broke his jaw in 3 places, his left arm in
like 100 places, and I know he had to have both his knees operated on
too. They had to pry the bike out form underneath the cab's wheel-
well. Scary shit, but hopefully we can have a good night come out of
it at least.

In another bit of related news, I spoke with Mikey's neighbor, DJ Big Dog, this morning. He relayed that Mikey wasn't wearing his helmet when he was hit. However, Mikey's backpack apparently shifted over his shoulders upon impact and actually served to protect his head when he hit hit the ground. He also surmised that Mikey's physical stature — dude is flat out jacked — likely lessened the overall severity of his injuries.

Also, the lovely ladies from House of LeMay are updating on Mikey's status with some regularity. You can check it out here.

Once again, the benefit show is this Thursday night at Nectar's. Get well soon, Mikey.



There is also a new blog dedicated specifically to Mikey. You can check it out here: . It reports that Mikey was rushed back to the hospital with a high fever, so they are running more tests. We're thinking of you, Mikey!

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