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Friday, August 29, 2008

This is Just a Tribute

Happy Friday, Solid State!

I know most of you are probably out prepping yourselves (feathering mullets, shotgunning Coors Light and spit-shining firearms) for tonight's epic performance by The Nuge at the Champlain Valley Fair. But for those poor souls who are, like myself, strapped to their computers this afternoon, I have a tidbit to pass along that just recently came across my desk.

This Sunday, Burlington's Battery Park will be abuzz with the melodious strains of nine local acts paying homage to the late, great Neil Young, who . . . what? Really?

This just in: Neil Young is actually still alive. Said nine local bands are apparently just big fans. Boy is my face red.

The real scoop is this: local streaming web radio station WBKM is presenting a slew of Young acolytes for a family-friendly evening of Neil-worship at Battery Park this Sunday at 5 p.m. Among those carrying the torch are Duane Carleton, Katie Pearlman, Mia Adams, Red Hot Juba, Patrick Fitzsimmons, Silent Mind, Chad Hollister, The Kind Buds and Ragged Glory — who are, in actuality, a Neil Young tribute band. Nifty.

Joking aside, this show actually sounds pretty cool (I really do love Neil Young), especially compared to some fare in the park of late — I'm not naming names, but I live right next to Battery Park and there have been a few afternoons and nights this summer I've been driven from my apartment by the off-key caterwauling of one poor band or another. Anyway, this time around, I imagine I'll be made in the shade, taking in the show from my VIP roofbox seats (OK, it's really just a flat roof with some folding chairs. But still . . . good times).

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I have to get to the dry-cleaners to pick up my Canadian tuxedo for tomorrow's Toby Keith concert — I'm only half joking right now. You guess which half . . .



There's a band called The Kind Buds? And you didn't make a joke about them? Come on. Seriously.

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