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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

05451 hits 90210


Is anyone else out there a "90210" fan?

Back when the original "90210" series aired, I was in elementary school. The whole "DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES!" movement happened in '93, when I was still a full year away from my own graduation - from 5th grade. And so being the responsible parent that she is, my mom ruled 'No' on allowing us to watch the teen melodrama.

Now that I'm 25, I'm catching up on the cultural phenomenon, Netflix style. I am currently on the last episode of Season Three. That gives me SEVEN more seasons to watch. God I love TV on DVD.

Of course, there's also TV on TV. As in, the NEW "90210." I have yet to check this out, because A. I don't have cable, B. I don't want to watch the second generation while I'm still absorbed in the first, and C. Does the whole "90210" concept work without the goofy 90's clothing? I'm not sure.

But last week, Diane Sullivan, Seven Days Art Director Extraordinaire and member of the Dirty Blondes, pointed out a great reason to check out Episode 4, "The Bubble". Its soundtrack features "Day I Die" by Drug Rug.

Much like the "OC" did, "90210" is heavily promoting the music on its soundtrack. While I always felt that weird familiar pang when songs I loved made it onto the "OC," I still supported the artists, and felt happy that the show would help them reach a new audience. So I think its really cool that some Vermont names are receiving similar celebrity on this new series.

Drug Rug is Diane's niece Sarah's band. She lives in Boston now, but grew up in Essex and used to be in a band called The Implants that some of you might remember. Here's what Diane says about Drug Rug being featured on the show:

"I didn't pay any attention to what was going on in the show 'cuz I was just listening for the song. Anyhoo, it was on for about a minute and a half. There was a little dialogue going on, but you could actually really hear the song. It was verrrry exciting."

Cool! The full episode is available online, but you can also check out Drug Rug's music on their MySpace page. The art featured is pretty awesome, too!

And if you're at all interested to see what other music the new "90210" is featuring, they have an episode by episode guide available here. For now, I personally remain partial to David Silver's budding rap career - 1994 style.



By the by, my niece makes the art too. It seems that multi-talented, creative genius-ery runs in the family...

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