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Wednesday, September 03, 2008



I haven't felt moved to post here on Solid State in a while, but today I have news that is definitely worthy of your time.

Tomorrow morning, Thursday, New Kids on the Block will be performing on the Today show.

I love spending my mornings with Matt Lauer. I know, very un-Vermont of me, but don't worry, I can still hear VPR from my neighbor's radio upstairs. Anyway. I was midway through brushing my teeth when I heard the news that NKOTB would be gracing the plaza this Thursday, and am sad to admit that I made a mental note to be home from the gym in time to catch it.

I mean, come on! New Kids on the Block!

Unfortunately the comeback strikes me more sad than it does epic. As is demonstrated perfectly in the group's first music video since its rebirth. Seriously, check it out.

I can't embed it here... as embedding has been disabled by request of Universal Music Group. Dicks.

BUT you can check it out here.

And of course, you can catch it all live tomorrow morning.


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