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Monday, September 15, 2008

Poll Stars

In the wake of the stunning news — broken here first! — that Barack Obama hates white people and John McCain eats puppies, I have another urgent matter to bring to your attention concerning the three-legged race to the White House. And this actually has to do with music. And local music at that!

On Tuesday, November 4 — that would be Election Night — local favorites The Dirty Blondes are throwing a ballot box stuffing, mud slingin', baby kissin' extravaganza of potentially epic proportions. Dubbed "Exit Poll '08" the evening promises to be more political fun than a Minneapolis Airport men's room. Though there are still loads of details in the works, here's the lineup so far:

The Dirtminers
Alice Austin
Hot Neon Magic
Party Star
James Kochalka
Nose Bleed island

In honor of this stirring tribute to democracy, I urge you to check out this clip from Saturday's episode of SNL featuring Tina Fey as Sarah Palin — because NBC are a bunch of corporate stooges, I can't embed the video. Trust me, it's worth your time.

God bless America (and The Dirty Blondes).



Hey. Show sounds cool. Will the cabaret girls from the art hop be there? Who are they anyway? Did they perform onstage with the band (CCC0me?)


Sorry, man, no way. I'm a superstitious git and I played the last election bash the Dirty Blondes threw at Metronome. I'll never forget trying to drink away the slow realization that Bush would be president for four more years. This year, I'm sitting in front of my TV with a hit of acid, ready to erase my mind in case that decrepit old fuck McCain becomes president.


Just bring enough acid for everybody (at least us!) and we'll have a great time. Who gives a rat's ass who wins — they're both evil robots.

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