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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Work, or Sesame Street? That is the Question.

So I was all set to write about the revelation that is Bill Mullins and Clark Russell's revived rock outfit Blowtorch. I caught them at Speaking Volumes over the weekend and holy hell, I might just have a new local favorite. But it's honestly just been one of those days — one of those weeks, really, given Pats QB Tom Brady's season-ending knee-injury . . . sigh. It's been the kind of frustrating, cold and dreary day when I really just need the mental equivalent of comfort food. And then this video appeared on my Facebook page. There is a God.


Jon Taylor

This totally made my day.

Justin Boland

Dr. Quandary sent me that just yesterday and it turned around my day from Ocean of Shit to PURE LULZ. I'm glad there's people that weird and dedicated out there...


Too bad you didnt talk about the music you saw. Its obvious you care more about Bert and Ernie, football and tits. Get a different job!

Justin Boland

But Monty, did you watch the video? How can you not be overcome by child-like joy and belly laughter? Surely you agree that this MOP/Sesame Street video is more important than Obama himself!


Actually, I'll be writing about Blowtorch at length in an upcoming issue.

Lighten up.

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