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Monday, November 24, 2008

Workin' Hard, Or Hardly Workin'?

With the end of the year quickly approaching — it's coming faster than you think, trust me — the backlog of local releases on my desk awaiting review is reaching epic proportions. To combat the problem and get as many reviews in print as we can before 2008 comes to a close, every issue in December we'll be doubling the number of CD reviews in the paper from two to — are you sitting down? — four! Four CD reviews! Ah-ha-ha! . . . sorry, long day.

Anyway, this week, we actually have three extra reviews running as sort of a waaaaay under the radar package of CDs that probably won't top anyone's "Best Of" lists this year, but still warrant some consideration. One such album is Babies Don't Have Hands from Burlington-based musical comedy act The Go Ahead And. As an unabashed "Weird Al" fan — his concert in Portland, ME a few years ago remains the best show I've ever seen. Period. — I found myself enjoying this disc, which seriously dares to be stupid, much more than I might be comfortable admitting in public. Good thing nobody reads this blog, right? Whew.

Anyway, one of my favorite cuts from the record, "Workin' Hard to be a Hipster," is actually a pretty nifty video as well. Though it might cause you to shoot PBR out of your nose . . .



say with british accent
working?. . . . .hardly.

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