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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh. My. God.

Alex Crothers and Co. just made one local music critic very, VERY happy.

And this guy just made the same local music critic very, VERY sad.




Great post... This just may be THE live music event of the year in Burlington. I am speechless -- I can assure your readers that Jeff will not be. For those who have not seen him perform solo before -- be very ready for an amazing night music (and some tounge lashings for members of the audience who decide to chat during "Remember The Mountain Bed")

Presale tix through the wilcoworld website were gone in a flash this morning. I got lucky -- and even luckier by scoring 2nd row seats for his performance at The Calvin in Northampton the following night.

Anyway - big kudos to HG crew for this booking. It will be truly special to see him at the Higher Ground.


ugh. makes me wish i was in Vermont in March...Jeff, please come to Paris soon, ok?


Thanks for the dis. I'd love to see you do better.

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