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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Son of a . . .

This just in from Higher Ground: Andrew Bird's performance on Sunday, April 5 has been canceled. If I may . . . DAMMIT!

Though no official makeup date has been announced, a letter from the band states that they'll try and catch us in the fall. Here's hoping.

As a consolation prize, Bird is offering a free download of a recent show in Montreal via the HG site. Click here to go directly to the HG calendar page and access the link. A word of warning though: I downloaded the concert and it's pretty good. But you'll need to navigate through a bunch of spam pop-up offers — A free WalMart gift card?! Gee, thanks!


Tyler Machado

Dammit. First I fail at getting Tweedy tickets before they sell out, now this. Maybe my favorite artists should just stop coming to town to spare me the strife.

The Andrew Bird show in Montreal on 4/4 is (apparently) still on. Maybe I'll roadtrip up to that one. Although that would require missing out on Dinosaur Jr, which isn't cool...

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