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Thursday, April 02, 2009


It's maybe the most beautiful day of the year so far. I'm stuck behind my desk, at least for another hour. A desk I'll be chained to for most of what promises to be a stellar live music weekend. Sounds like a recipe for a randomized scattershot blog post. Let's do this.

The new Akron/Family disc landed on my desk today. Three words: sofa king good.

A long time ago, I promised my half-crazy, half-pit bull, Buckley that I'd never make him wear a sweater, a spiked collar or booties. Last week, he hurt his paw and had been limping pretty badly. The pain didn't seem to be going away, so I took him to the vet yesterday and they gave me some powder to put on his pads to ease the inflammation. They then informed me that he would have to wear a bootie over the paw to protect it and keep him from licking the wound. And also one on the opposite paw for balance/fashionable symmetry. You know that herky-jerky sort of way the Muppets walk when you can see their legs? That's Buck at the moment. With purple booties. I'm so, so sorry, little buddy.

I probably shouldn't go because I'm writing next week's cover story, but I'm unusually excited for Dinosaur Jr. on Saturday. Couldn't tell you why, exactly. I just am.

Though I know I won't, I should also probably remain inside Friday night, which might be the most jam-packed evening of local music in recent memory. I wrote about Nose Bleed Island's CD release at The Bakery in my column this week. And there's been plenty o' Farm love in the paper lately too — they're at The Monkey House with Lendway and Dark Nights of Camelot. (Note: Farm plays FIRST. You've been warned.) What I didn't tell you about was that Activists/Dictators are making a "surprise" appearance at the Bean following Blowtorch.

Speaking of Blowtorch, they finally have a MySpace page, and only 27 years after they got together!

So does this Bill Mullins project.

And this one. Can a Twitter feed be far behind?


Also on Friday night are The Smittens — complete with Max Smitten! — at Parima. They'll be shooting footage for a Rob Hoier directed video for "100 Roses"  that night. As if that weren't enough, they'll be welcoming their good friends from Beantown, One Happy Island, with whom they'll be touring the UK this summer. I told you it was a busy night. To borrow a phrase, yow!

Did you know there is actually an article of clothing called the "Smitten?" It's like a Snuggie for your hands, but waaaay creepier. Check it out. I think we should take up a collection and donate a few to the band. Who's with me?

I want to start an acoustic ska/rocksteady band. I'm taking suggestions for names, ska puns strongly encouraged. Although I'll never actually name my band with a ska pun . . . again.

Unless it's REALLY funny.

Haven't confirmed this yet, but it comes from a reliable source: Liggy, the lighting dude from HG, has been hired to do lights for Wilco's summer tour. I knew I should have done stage crew instead of drama in high school.

Baseball starts in t-minus 3 days . . .

And finally, in regards to my last post, Starfucker is booked on 4/20!

But not in Burlington. They have an unpublicized college gig that night . . . damn. However, huge thanks to both Monkey House booking mogul Paddy Reagan and Tick Tick's Nick Mavadones for taking me seriously and actually looking into it, which I never, EVER imagined anyone would do on this one. Sometimes, I really do love this town.

And on that note, it's beer time.


Tyler Machado

you couldn't tell why you're excited for Dinosaur Jr.? Maybe because they're fucking awesomer than every 2000s-era indie rock band put together!

Tyler Machado

And speaking of that summer Wilco tour...I really hope it includes another Burlington date. Waterfront?


Skamaphodites Reunion 09!?

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