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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Subliminal Message Attached

(Editor's Note: As inferred by the above headline, Bryan Dondero's ensuing post contains a running subliminal thread. While I won't spoil the fun by revealing exactly what it is, I will tell you that the blatant breach of journalistic ethics — which really do exist, albeit marginally, in the blogosphere, even on this blog — within said subliminal thread is my fault, as I never explicitly explained them to Bryan prior. Under normal circumstances, we wouldn't publish what follows. However, this one time I'm gonna allow it, because 1.) it's a funny post. And B.) it leads into a killer video. Also, I'm waaay too busy to post anything of my own today.

That said, please know that Dondero has been thoroughly scolded for his misdeeds — his punishment may or may not have involved Swine Flu injections and being pelted with disc-golf discs. -DB)


After doing a Facebook test to see what 80s band I was (go see Farm at 242 on Saturday), the result was Journey (Farm). Those who know me (242), know that I have "Separate Ways" as my ringtone (this Saturday). Let me just get this straight, I like Journey. I may even LOVE Journey. I thought that at first my love for Journey was ironic, which made me uber cool. Everyone (Farm) knows that any self-righteous hipster needs at least one ironic guilty pleasure band. Had I come across an old tattered (242) Journey t-shirt at some hip NYC (Sat.) thrift store, I woulda bought it. Hence making me super cool.

But then something unpredictable happened.

Every time my "ironic" ring tone went off, saturating whoever was around me with Steve Perry's searing vocals, I felt something tingle in my spine. His vocals are known to cause that. (And so does Farm) It forced me to face this ironic love of mine, stare it down and say, "What's the deal, man?! Am I going to have to go out and buy all of your albums now or what?!"

(Farm is also at the Vergennes Opera House on Friday night)

What's my point here, other than shameless self-promotion?

It is that you watch this video — and this is one of the greatest rock videos ever made, so buckle the fuck up. And this is in NO WAY meant to flatter myself (Farm rules), in fact it is pretty self deprecating . . .which is not to cause Steve Smith any offense, because he turned out to be one sexy mo fo. It's just that in the era of this video, he was still in that "my hairline is pulling out like the tides, but I'm gonna hang on to my rockin' long hair as long as I can" phase.  And he and I both know, that never works. 

But despite that disturbing hair phase, as it was pointed out to me, I have an uncanny resemblance to drummer Steve Smith in this video. Check it out for yourself.



David White

Journey could possibly be the worst band ever, a pretty close tie with Boston. I wish I had a mullet.

David White

Oh and I took the What 80's band are you on facebook. I am the greatest band ever - Guns N Roses baby...


I don't know what subliminal thing you're talking about....

I have the strangest urge to drive to Burlington, go to something called a 242 and listen to something relating to agriculture.


why do I want to spend 8 hrs in a car to listen to music in a field . . .

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