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Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Penis Mightier: Asher Roth UPDATE

Yes, that's two SNL "Jeopardy!" skit references in as many days. Thanks, Hulu!

As 7D What's Good blogger Tyler Machado reports this morning, Asher Roth has been uninvited to perform at SMC's spring concert next week. Further proof that a little bitchin' goes a long way.

Cheers to the SMC Student Association for manning up and rectifying an unfortunate situation. Kudos as well to the SMC student body for rejecting the stereotype that college is a "Girls Gone Wild" video. Because everyone knows it's really more like Animal House.

And on that note, I present the innermost secret desire of music critics across the globe:


Tyler Machado

Thanks for the shouts, Dan.

Unfortunately there's still a fair portion of the SMC student body who quite like Asher Roth, and I've heard various pissed-off rumblings around campus all day. I'm sure there are more twists to come.

On a different note, way to keep on repping The Low Anthem in your column this week. Great band, though I wish they'd play a headlining show in Burlington instead of coming here monthly opening for other bands I don't want to see.

Justin Boland

HOT DAMN I stand corrected, huh? So much for all publicity being good publicity.

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