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Friday, May 29, 2009

Get Your Own Bag

I was just whipping up a spotlight for next week's Gogol Bordello shows at HG and stumbled upon this vid of The Fags at Club Toast (supposedly circa December 1994). For those too young — or maybe too old — to remember, The Fags were 1.) Awesome. And 2.) Eugene Hutz's band before he was, well, Eugene Hutz.

The quality is a little spotty. But if you dig Gogol, you'll dig this.



Oh, hells, yes. I was so there. Eugene is playing Pistol's guitar! When was the last time anyone has seen or heard from Dana Shepard, btw?


I might have been there too Casey. 1994 is a little spotty in the old memory, but I do remember some Fags at the Toast - I really think I remember that ending scream in this set - but it might have been another time.


My ears still ring from Fags shows.


I was likely there as well. Seeing as Toast was the only place in town that my underage ass could drink and see a show circa 1994...

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